Style My Nursery With Airloom

Discovering Airloom and having them join forces with us for our Nursery Collab has been such a treat! I have loved learning that they not only specialise in rugs now, but in a whole range of beautiful flooring and decor too! And if you know me at all by now you will...

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Living In a Constant State Of Fear

I've always been a "half glass full" kind of girl. Or so I think anyway. I like to think I generally look on the positive side of everything and don't sit moping in a state of despair for too long. I see hope in much of life's brokenness and I try to make the most of...

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Hi I’m Leigh, Mom to two of the cutest boy creatures alive! On this space you will find snippets of our life in Cape Town and the many facets that make up our parenting journey. From great food, kids decor, fashion, helpful tips and insightful articles, I hope you will be freshly inspired to live a healthy, fun and creative life! Come and join us on our adventures as we navigate the road of motherhood together.




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