I told you guys last year how much the Doona has changed my life. Or should I say our lives. My hubs says it’s saved our marriage on countless occasions. I think he’s right. I mean we have a strong marriage and sure we wouldn’t get divorced over something so trivial, but we all know how added stress can effect your relationship, even on a good day! So the fact that this Doona is so easy to use and has helped us avoid all the hassle of an ordinary travel system, it means we have also avoided getting all worked up and frustrated with one another with the daily logistics of having three small children. It can be a circus yo!

Read my last post here for more info on safely and functionality.

This product has certainly been the most useful of any baby product I have owned in the last 7 years. There has not been a single day where i haven’t used it since we got it, even it were just in the house. In fact we may even use it more in the house than we do out on the go. To be honest she kinda lives in it as it works as a portable little chair as she moves around the house from one room to another. She plays in it, naps in, takes her brother’s to school in it, accompanies mum to the shops in it and so much more.

Even as she approaches another “fussy stage” of being in the transition of learning how to sit, its been perfect for her as it’s the place she is the most content as frustration builds when she can’t  be held or played with. Don’t get me wrong, she has plenty of time on the mat doing tummy time and stretching her legs on my lap and o the lawn, but it is without a doubt a God-send for those moments and times in the day when she doesn’t want to be put down or miss out on any of the action. The Doona gives her the mobility babies crave, so she feels like she’s part of the action when I can’t always give her my undivided attention. WIN!!

We use it for:

1. Feeding – It’s been the perfect little chair as we have begun the solids journey. Because she isn’t quite sitting yet, this has been such a lifesaver at feeding times. So with it being a carseat and pram in one and great for feeding means it’s perfect for going out to restaurants or when on holiday. It’s actually a three in one carseat, pram and feeding chair, how about that??

2. While I shower and do my hair and make-up – I like to see my baby and know she’s ok, which can be challenging when you need to get stuff done. I don’t have a full time nanny and so its often just her and I alone at home. I love that because the Doona is so small and zippy, i can take her right into the bathroom with me and we can chat while I see to myself.

3. While I get the big kids ready for school– this often means rushing from one room to the next and she HATES being the only one left in a room. So the boys help me out and we push her around the house in the mornings so she’s in eye view at all times.

4. While I cook – Again I love being able to see her while I’m doing a task that takes a fair amount of time. I love being able to engage with her while I do these mundane every day tasks and she loves the attention I’m able to give her too! We can chat while I prep dinner and she’s happy knowing mom is there while she plays with her toys and gurgles at me.

5. When we go outside to play in the garden. Going for walk in the garden and sitting in her Doona while watching the other kids play has become one of her favourite things to do. It’s great because even if she wants to nap, I can still be outside and play with the others and give them attention too, knowing she’s there with us.

6. For zipping in and out of shops and seeing to all the other general errands of our daily lives. I no longer dread getting in an out of the car or popping into the shops or better yet, packing my boot in a way that I still have space. Because I don’t need any other part to the pram, we save on boot space. We simply take her out the car in her seat, flip open the wheels and are good to go. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.

7. For short naps. I really do try to encourage her to sleep in her cot for her long day naps, but there are times when on the run or in the busy afternoons at home where I can’t always make that possible. And  she loves being pushed to sleep in her Doona so it’s so great for her to have quick doze while I get stuff done around the house or get some blogging/admin in. The incline of the Doona allows her head to rest at the perfect angle making it perfect for naps and she always appears so comfortable!

Yes, I’m your walking, talking, living proof that the Doona is without a doubt one of the most incredible new inventions on the market. It would be the number one thing on my list, as a new expectant mom and WISH it was available to us 7 years ago when we were starting out as new parents. I can also vouch for the fact that it’s such great quality too, making it worth every penny. They are so affordable, retailing for  Only R5999! Most of you would know that prams and travel systems don’t come cheap, so this is a pretty great deal right?

They come in such a beautiful range of colours too, so there’s something for everyone.

So this is my word to you, you will not regret buying this product. In fact you will be thanking me until the cows come home, because it is without a doubt the best baby product on the market.






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