There are some things that really ought to come with a massive WARNING when pregnant. Not just pills and pharmaceutical drugs – I’m talking about the everyday life stuff that, when you are pregnant should come with an entirely different set of rules and guidelines.

There’s the health and safety set of guidelines – You know like, “Don’t forget to turn the oven off after you’ve taken the chicken out”, or better yet – “Don’t forget to take the chicken out of the oven so the entire family doesn’t have to feed off burnt cancer-causing carcass”. Of course a warning to remember to fetch my kids at their designated times wouldn’t hurt either. Or to make it to my son’s first ever Sport’s Day of his school career. (I cried like a baby in my car for 20 minutes after that happened)

Then there should be WARNINGS about places to avoid – places that are going to throw you into a complete spin with all their overwhelming and stressful chaos – Seriously, is it just me, but places like the Waterfront on my  own with two small kids is enough to put me in a mental home at just 26 weeks pregnant. The fact that there are lots of people who don’t care that you are pregnant, in busy crowds, means that you get knocked around and shoved to death in queues, which is enough to make you think the whole the world is against you.

But seriously the biggest warning needs to come with what kind of programmes and movies you permit yourself to watch while pregnant. Some shows need to come with a “Not suitable for pregnant woman” sign, clearly visible, right there near Age Restrictions and subtitles. I mean unless ugly crying on your couch every night is something that you openly embrace.

As usual let me back up a bit. Two nights ago I watched the movie Lion – a movie I have wanted to watch for the last month. I had heard from a friend that it was incredibly moving and I knew it was going to be a bit of a tear – jerker. What I didn’t know was that it was going to get under ever little hormonal nerve-ending in my entire body and cause me to sob during several scenes in a  way that made my husband concerned for his unborn child. It’s the most incredible movie with such a heart-warmingly beautiful ending, but somehow my heart couldn’t take it all. I must have cried for several minutes after the movie had ended. Hubs was off brushing his teeth and came back to me still sitting in the dark with the credits rolling. I just couldn’t move on – it made me question everything and wonder why i was even having another child. Dramatic much?

Then, and only because i like to torture myself and because I was eager to know what happens next, I finished the last three episodes of This Is Us (S1) last night. Guys. i don’t think there is a Series that has touched me as much as this one has, in my entire history of television viewing! There’s just something about the the way all the stories are intertwined and how you see the lives of the different characters play out, that makes you want to cry your heart out at just about every turn. So many intense moments of realisation of how the human spirit works and how we endure so much. The show gives such insight into the complexity of the human heart – from adoption to family to marriage to parenthood to losing someone you love. Again, I cried ugly tears in the dark as I looked at my swollen tummy and applied these feelings to my own life. Because it’ all SO personal when you are with child right?

There’s one part at the end when the two main characters (going back back in time) are talking about the impact their relationship will have on their kids. Mandy Moore (the mom) asks with great concern ” What about the kids?” and her husband replies with something along the lines of  – “Our kids will be fine. We have been a example of a good marriage to them, this is only a very small hiccup in a very long road. We have done everything we can for our kids. They, and everything they become, is SO much bigger than US” – I don’t know what it was, but these last words broke me. Our kids and all they are going to go on to do with their lives – its so much bigger than who we are right now. WE are doing everything we can now but they are soon to be their own people, living their own lives.

A really truly hardcore realisation for a any person, never mind a pregnant women who is feeling more sensitive as the weeks go by.

And let’s not forget getting upset about the really small things too – from not being able to bend down and paint your toe nails to realising you’ve run out of chocolate cereal.

So as it turns out, I’ve got an extra fresh batch of pregnancy hormones making me feel that much more fragile. Are you pregnant? What’s the silliest thing you’ve cried over?



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