The publication of Guest post by fellow writer Julie Williams ‘Why we are staying in South Africa for the kids’, received so much attention that it began to occur to me that many parents have a lot to say on the subject.
My email box was flooded with emails from some rather opinionated people, but more so from some very encouraging and understanding ones. While Julie was brave to speak her mind and simply express her own opinion I don’t think she realized the huge response this post would have, even making it to the radio!
In chatting to Julie (during the cyber battle as well as after all the hype had died down), its clear that she still stands by her conviction on the subject, although she felt she could have possibly added one or two disclaimers and left out one or two words which were no doubt misconstrued. With it being such a hot topic, it’s no doubt things got a little heated and a lot came out in why people have either chosen to leave or stay in South Africa despite our country’s political state.


I have given it much thought and I have decided it would be interesting to get a closer look into the contributing factors that have led moms and dads into making the decisions they have. I would like to think there is still a large group of people who would agree with Julie and her husband Terran.
I also think that it’s only fair we listen to the other side of the argument and hear from the people who have simply lost faith, the ones who have been victims of crime and the ones who, while still having hope for this country have chosen to leave in order to give their children a better life.
I have a very clear vision for this series and that is to share our hearts and minds with each other. I want it to be a place where moms and dads can share openly and with respect about the choices they have made and why they believe their choice was the best one for them. Once again, with a large amount of respect for each other. I would like us all to agree on one thing and that it that most of the people of South Africa are good at heart and also, many of us still foresee a united nation.
I don’t want this to be about who is right and turn into an ugly political debate, We all know our country is in a bad state, that is not the question here. I want us all to remember that we are all doing our best and we at the end of the day, what we choose to do, is our decision alone.
I’m also secretly hoping that the vast majority of people who have chosen to stay in South Africa will be an inspiration to those who may be on the fence. I’m hoping that for those who have chosen to leave, have done so for the right reasons and with lots of mindful prayer and consideration. And I want these people to know that I don’t think any less them. If anything, I consider it very brave leaving a place you have always called home. And so I bid you a very sweet South African farewell. I would still very much like to hear from you ☺
If you are interested in participating in this series please email me directly at Alternatively you can leave a comment on this post and i will get in touch with you. It would only be a matter on answering the questions I lay out. You are welcome to add anything to the existing questions and I will publish it provided I feel it is not of a harsh, judgmental or disrespectful nature.


I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully inspiring our fellow South Africans by talking about the issues we are facing as a nation right now and uniting together in the midst of the struggle.


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