With winter now truly here in full force, it means we are resorting to cosy couch time a little more than usual. Is there anything more relaxing and inviting than snuggling under a duvet with a mug of something hot while you watch something on telly? Of course it’s even better when you are engrossed in a great Series, like The Let Down or Offspring, two of my favourite recent shows on Netflix. I love coming back for me more each time and that feeling that each character in a show becomes like a friend. Am I sad, is that just me?

With the kids resorting to playing inside too when it rains, can mean things get a little tricky with sharing the remote.

HOWEVER, Netflix have recently introduced their Multiple Device feature which means that there no longer needs to be any fighting over who watches what over the weekends. I know in our house it can cause some tension when we’ve all come back after a long day out and are all wanting some downtime. As much as I love being with my kids, the thought of watching ANOTHER episode of Justin Time or Ben and Holly leaves me feeling like I’ve somehow got the raw end of the deal again.

Often I’m left begging the question “When is it mom’s turn to watch her TV shows?”, which I’ll be honest is usually met with the same entitled answer “You can watch later when we go to sleep, we realllllllyyy want to watch our programme mom!” It’s obvious who rules the roost around here!

The good news for Netflix customers is that once you have an active Netflix membership, you can have up to six devices registered to your account at any given time. What’s more, you can simultaneously stream or download to up to four devices at once, depending on your plan. So while the kids get cosy with Super Monsters on the iPad, mom can get her Dynasty fix.

And that’s not all!! Planning a long journey or trip to the hairdresser? Worry not! Netflix has introduced a feature that lets you download some of your best TV shows and movies to watch offline. Now you can download your kids’ favourite shows while connected to your Wi-Fi, for them to watch later, restoring peace on those long journeys. With our first overseas holiday coming up with our kids in 6 weeks, this is music to my ears. I know there will be some long and challenging stretches to get through as we make our way through airports and traveling in taxis etc… where this is going to come in super handy! Watching show like this…..

True & The Rainbow Kingdom

True, the guardian of Rainbow Kingdom, teams up with her magical helpers the Wishes to use friendship and the power of love to save the day!

And there’s more! It’s become a lot more Interactive with Netflix recently announcing interactive shows for kids, called Branching Narratives because viewers can control certain aspects of the story – including the ending. Kids are able to make choices and plan their own adventures. They decide how the story proceeds and what happens next. The first series, Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale, was created in partnership with DreamWorks Animation and features 13 different storyline choices and two endings. The second interactive show on the platform is Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile.

How amazing is that? I can’t wait to check it out with my kids!! Who knows the novelty might be enough to lure me in to actually watching something with them for longer than 5 minutes. 🙂

Now the thing I REALLY love about Netflix is that you can break up the shows into categories. By giving your kids their own profile, they can use Netflix freely, without access to inappropriate content.You can also also  tap into their profile to keep an eye on what your child is watching. To create a profile, make sure you click the box indicating that this profile is for a kid. When you go in to Manage Profiles to edit the account, you can choose the type of content that they are allowed to watch. If your child is older enough to navigate past this, you can set an easy to remember pin to ensure they wont have access to adult shows.

Have any of you tried these features? Let me know your thoughts!

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