I’m sitting writing this post from my newly designed work space which my very creative friend Karina Finger helped me put together on Friday. We spent the day sourcing fabrics, finding the perfect lamp and accessories and wall papering to create a statement feature wall. To say we had a blast is a HUGE understatement and I may just have found my second passion, decorating!

With this incredibly talented lady’s help my work space has been transformed into the most gorgeous and inspirational little nook in my bedroom.

As a mom, it’s hard to recall when last I had a personal space in my house to call my own. Somewhere in the chaos of raising a family and being a mom I forgot how important it is to claim my  territory, to create a haven for myself a place solely for my own needs and satisfaction. A place where I can think with an open mind and feel free to let my mind wander and feel inspired.

And now thanks to Karina from iStopShop I have just that. Before I used to blog from my dining room table, and now I have my own desk to sit and write from! EEEEK!!! *WARNING many blog posts ahead!!

Here are some pictures of how she helped me change this bland wall and bedroom area into the most gorgeous work space fitted out with only the best desktop equipment from iStopShop. (Go on show them some Facebook love!)

pic 2

IStopShop will take your face and transform it. What once was the blandest room in our house, now boasts a gorgeous work station.

pic 7

Loving my new pin board to join all my inspirational pieces!

pic 5

Besides the no hair and make up preparation I love this pic which shows how happy and utterly satisfied I am!

pic 3

How lovely is this wall paper? I thought of painting it grey but decided i love the freshness of the white. It leaves more room to build it up with colour.

pic 8

Proof that you don’t need a huge area to make a work space in your home. We can’t believe how much bigger this area looks now that its being utilised like this.

pic 9

I just want to write write write and write some more!!

I’m smitten to say the least! AND I have some great news for all of YOU!! iStopShop is running a comp to win a Desktop Makeover where one of you could also have your desk space transformed to look chic, trendy and oh so cool! And what’s even better is knowing that you will be doing your back and posture such a huge favor with these ergonomically designed products. Guys I honestly don’t know what took me so long!!

Go check out her the comp by clicking here . all you have to do is wait for the pop up enter your email address and you are entered to WIN!! I’m pretty certain these pictures speak for themselves, but just incase you need extra encouragement, i’ll leave you with this that I read by Keith Roberts, a highly creative businessman who owns a design and development company.

We work in a remote world. We’re on the go, a lot. We sit down, plugin and get to work. So why should you’re environment matter?

One of the things I’ve learned over my career is to respect your work environment. Take some time to set up your work station and your office. It’s where you spend a majority of your day, so respect it. Make it inspirational. Make it creative. Make it a place where when you sit down to get to work you can do it without distractions.

Set up your work environment to breed creativity, whether it be a brainstorming session with your whole team or an individual assignment that requires solitude.

So how does one set up a creative work environment?

Here’s a few key points to remember when mapping out your office/work station:

  • Create a stimulating environment.
  • Make it an atmosphere not just an office.
  • Make it one that nurtures collaboration and interaction.
  • Make it a space to think
  • Give yourself a place of solitude

And there you have it folks! Good luck! 🙂

Look out for a kiddies make over post coming soon!



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