Becoming a mom is by far one of the most magical experiences a woman will ever experience. But the miracle of bringing a new life into the world can be met with trepidation and uncertainly. Add to that the fact that we have so many my choices to make and just as many options available to us, means it only adds to the panic because, well,  there are too many voices telling us which products to buy. Am I right?

I’m not going to tell you to buy these products here. I’m not going to shove these products in your face and tell you, you and your baby won’t survive without them. NO! I’m simply going share with you  my Top Ten finds and how I know they are going to be super beneficial to me. Most of these products were not available to me when I had my boys so they are certainly going to be making the world of difference to me personally as I return to the trenches.

  1. Balu Baby Travel System– Guys I have no words for how incredible this 3in1 Travel System is! I’m going to have  more on why it is this pram and carseat have impressed me so much up on the blog soon. But I will say that if you are looking for Travel System, and more specifically a pram that is going to be comfortable and easy to use then I suggest you go and have a look at what this little piece of dynamite offers moms on the go. And you will be shocked at how affordable it is. You can find the Balu Baby at Kids Emporium Green Point – Stockists of a wide variety of Travel Systems. They are so so helpful so don’t be shy to enquire in-store if you have any questions or would like to see a demo!

Owner:  Riana Meyer & Zaheer Meyer
Owner Email: &
Telephone: 021 418 7636
Address:  18 Somerset Square, Highfield Road, Green Point 8000

2. Nordic Nuss– Ok i admit the reason I cant wait to use this is because I’m just too damn excited to see my little newborn in it!! I mean can you even cope with how genius and cute this is at the same time? The fact that it can be taken around with you wherever you go – to restaurants and visiting friends and then also be used as  co-sleeper or moved around the comfort of your own home, makes this product too incredible not to share. Visit Nordic Nuss on Instagram to see what else they offer in their range of comfy cushions, sleeping pods and floor mats.

3. Madela Breast Pump – I have both the electronic pump and Medela hand pump which I know is going to come in super handy. I’m know to have a rather large milk supply and I SUFFER in the first few weeks with getting it all to regulate. So I know this is going to be an amazing product to have on hand, especially when I’m on the run and need to express milk before my boobs explode. There nothing worse than being out and on the run, running late getting home to feed your little one (if you’ve left her with the nanny) and having your boobs engorged with milk! I also love a beast pump for the opposite reason : For who your milk has regulated but you are trying to keep up your milk supply. Pumping while away from baby for a night will help ensure your mink production stays regular and your milk doesn’t dry up. WIN!!!

4. Predo baby Nappies – I’ve spoken about our decision to use these amazing Premium nappies this time round and here’s why. The main reason being they worked wonders with Brody and are fully biodegradable.  AND they are far cheaper than other premium many brands which is surprising considering the quality!!

5. Milk Mama feeding apron, scarf and chair cover in one! This is just the most perfect feeding bib you will find on the market these days. Why? It has three different uses! It can be used as a feeding cover to feed when you are out on the run and want a little privacy (I’m not one to easily whip my boob out without wanting at least a little privacy at times), a carseat cover to protect your baby from wind and direct sunlight (or to just make it nice an dark with less distraction so they sleep better on the run!) as well as just a trendy scarf/snood in the cooler months. I’m loving that I’m going to have a winter baby so I can wear mine out and easily use it when I need to feed too. BRILLIANT!!!

6. Our trusty NutriBullet – Ok I get this isn’t a baby product but hello how perfect is my NutriBullet going to be for baby food?? I can’t wait until she’s onto solids so I can start feeding her all the yummy pures this little machine is going to help me whip up! Its super easy and really gives baby food the texture you desire. From smooth in the early stages to a little more chunky and rougher as they get older,

7. Nuna Leaf chair – (click to watch the video demonstration) – This incredible little piece of equipment looks like it’s going to be a life-saver for those crazy moments when my little one just wants to be held!! I love how gentle it is and offers the baby the same sensation of being gently swayed and rocked to sleep. While I don’t have this product yet, it’s high up there on my list of “push presents” my husband is going to going to be receiving in the next few weeks. 🙂 These are available at Kids Emporium Green Point.

8. Baby Life leather nappy bag or this Jean Kelly nappy bag – I LOVE leather and often beg the question why we have to compromise on quality and style when it comes to NAPPY BAGS! Like I said I wasn’t aware of any of the options available to me 6 years ago but things sure have changed since. With amazing quality bags like these (that come in an array of different sizes and styles) there’s no reason for you to have a nappy bag that clashes with everything you wear and doest allow you to express yourself and your individual style. The best part is that they are so trendy, yet so classic, which means that they will stand you in good stead for long after the baby years.



How Gorgeous is this Jeankelly Tan 2 Pocket Laminated Shopper and baby bag?




9. Ubuntu Stage One Carrier – I’m no baby-wearing expert – In fact I hardly a carrier or a wrap on with my boys but I’m guessing I’m going to be needing something like this third time around. I’m excited to to give an honest go at Baby Wearing this time – Possibly starting with one like the Baby Sense wrap. And then this Ubuntu Stage One carrier looks like its just perfect for every stage. Read more about all its features here.

10. Jelly Cat Soft Toy – Brody has had his Jelly Cat bunny “Benji” since he was born and he is about to turn FOUR!!  I cannot tell you what a blessing this fur ball has been. It’s seen Brody through every phase of his life and brought him comfort at every bedtime. I know first hand how important a comfort toy like this is and so I will certainly be looking for the perfect one for our little girl!! These are available at Kids Emporium or you can shop the full range here.

And there you have it mama’s, My Top 10 baby products that are I think are going to make life a little more manageable as a mom. What are some of the products or purchases you have made that have been worth their investment? Please do share in the comments below so we can help each other make informed decisions about the stuff we buy as moms!


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