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What I: Leigh Geary from The Mom Diaries.

By Kathryn Rossiter+ on March 11, 2015 in Interviews, What I : Blogger Interviews

I recently discovered The Mom Diaries, a blog written by Leigh Geary all about her trials and tribulations on this journey called motherhood. I love it. I’m not sure how I have not stumbled across it before now but I’m so glad I have now!

Leigh lives in Cape Town, is married and mama to two gorgeous little boys. She describes herself as passionate about God, people, friends, family, food, music and life. Read on to find out more about her!

What I:

Know: God is real, I just have to look into my children’s eyes. I know that there isn’t a single thing I wouldn’t do for my kids, that loving them involves both privilege and sacrifice. I know I have to be the luckiest girl in the world to be surrounded by such a loving and devoted husband, two beautiful sons and such amazing friends and family, where everyday is a blessing and every moment with them cherished. I know that what I used to think was important, no longer matters and that life, even though, at times full of pain and suffering, is beautiful.

Love: In no particular order: Tea, Haute Cabriere wine, sushi and chocolate. (Although I’ll take them in that order any day). I love family days where we just get in the car and drive, where drives naturally evolve into ocean swims, ice creams and sunset walks. I love hearing the sound of my sneakers hitting the road/treadmill during a good run, that one hour in the day where it’s just me, and my thoughts. I LOVE Brody’s naked body on the beach (that’s my 1 year old by the way, NOT my husband for those who don’t know me) splashing in the water, covered in sand. I love long boozy lunches with friends followed by long afternoon naps. I love dancing in a massive crowed and allowing the music to penetrate every fiber of my being. I love my new house and making it a home. I love yellow and grey and all their beautiful combinations. I love quirky art and wooden floors. I love wooden floors! I love laughing so hard with my husband that we cry, over and over again in fits of hysteria. I love watching my boys play with their dad, making memories. I love that both sets of grandparents live so close and are mad about our kids! I love the Foo Fighters and worry about people who don’t. I love dreaming about traveling again, returning to India, my favorite place in the world. I love my family who live there and miss them everyday. I love tattoos and although I only have two I admit wanting a few more. If I added that I love beer would I start coming across as a man? To be safe I’ll add that I LOVE champagne too. I love listening to Noah tell a story and see his face light up as he tries to use big words. I love the way Brody, who is still so small says Thank you and the way his little mouth moves when he says it. I love that after 7 years of marriage my husband is still the only guy who does it for me. I LOVE the God who made all these things I love possible.

Read: At the moment I’m reading a very good parenting book called Shepherding a child’s heart. It’s helping me during a particularly challenging phase with my eldest son. My favorite book of all time is Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. Powerful and captivating. I follow very few blogs but the ones I do I LOVE! I’m trying to focus on reading more but finding the time to do that with two busy boys in the house? PA-lease!

Want: to teach my children compassion and respect. I want to learn to love and accept myself, to know where my true value lies. I want to be a better wife and stop moaning about silly things like towels on the floor and music equipment all over my house. I want my husband to admit that I’m usually right. I want to master the perfect Thai dish (as an apology to my Thai crazy husband in case he is reading this) I want to take more risks, to stop living in fear of my own failure. I want to write a book, even if it’s only for my children. There I said it. I want to have another baby, or five. There I said it again, someone stop me! I want to feel good in a bikini for once in my life, which will be unlikely if I have seven kids! I want to read more, never stop learning and always be true to myself.

Wear: Clothes that are simple and that can be thrown on in a hurry. I love dresses with cute prints and leather belts or the good ol’ favorite: denim shorts and simple tee’s. I have two pairs of converse that I live in otherwise you will see me in a new pair of sandals every other week! For the most part of my morning you will find me in my gym clothes after my workout (trying to maximize the time when Noah is at school and Brody sleeps) writing/blogging. Given the chance, I love to dress up! To actually open the side of my cupboard where my pretty dresses hang??? BRING IT! Nothing beats the feeling of sliding into a LBD and curling your hair for a special occasion.

Need: To trust God more and stop worrying about things that, are out of my control. In regards to material things I want stop saying I need I need I need!!! And start saying I have I have I have!!


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