Becoming a mom 5 years ago was certainly one of my greatest life achievements thus far. It was a day that changed me forever – from the inside out! A day where I knew that life as we knew it would never be the same. And that it certainly hasn’t.

When I think of motherhood in the early days it looks like sleepless nights, baby burps, mastering the perfect swaddle, frantic dummy searches and feeding on demand. Slowly it progresses into early mornings, emotional outbursts, sloppy kisses, first words, first steps and first tantrums. Now motherhood looks like school drops, swimming lessons, soccer practices, play dates, late night ice-cream runs in pjs and after school adventures. In each of these phases there has been an abundance of love and sacrifice. Each phase has come with it’s own pleasures and rewards.

It’s been a bumpy and crazy ride with many highs and lows, many frustrations, but just as many moments of intense joy. The weight of motherhood has been heavy at times but a weight that comes with loving anyone deeply and knowing how much you have to lose. It’s a beautiful yet scary feeling, loving someone more than you ever thought humanly possible.

Today I would like to tell my children how much their lives mean to me and how honored I am to have been chosen to be their mother. Every day I realize how blessed I am to be called mommy. I thank God for all they offer this world and the footprints they will leave on this earth. They have taught me so much about what truly matters in this life and they inspire me to live this one life with all the passion and courage I can muster.

Becoming a mother has also made me so much more aware of the things my own mother did for me. The sacrifices she made and the unconditional love she has always shown me. I can’t remember when it started to happen but over the years she has gone from (not only) being my mom to being my best friend. It’s something I never want to take for granted. And so today I want to acknowledge my own mom who has been the best example to me.

To all the moms who are on the sometimes overwhelming and relentless road of motherhood, I salute you. Keep doing what you are doing and don’t ever forget how significant your job is. They may not always thank us or show us that they appreciate everything we do, but someday soon they will be the beautiful reflection of all your hard work and dedication. You my dear ladies, are heroes in every sense of the word.


From one mama to another,



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