Flip when I wrote the title to this post, it hit me properly for the first time how close we are to the end of the year. And also how close we are to our holiday and having some time off as a family to enjoy the beach, a beautiful holiday house, forrest walks, wine-tasting missions and hopefully some fun adult date nights and parties with friends!

So with the build up to all the excitement that the festive season will bring I thought I would share some of my favourite November finds that are going to see me through the holidays in comfort and style. Some pieces and products that are just so worth mentioning and sharing with you!

  1. My gorgeous new Jean Kelly ClassicToffee Leather Bag! Do I even need to say anything about this beauty?  It’s going to be perfect for a summer missions because it fits so much extra stuff we need with THREE kids!



2. My beautiful new bra from Sophie and Jane – Guys if you saw the ones I’ve been wearing up until this point you will die laughing. I feel so bad for my husband! Now, after receiving this gorgeous bra, i just want to buy all the pretty bras and panties and never see a granny bra again. I love the sexiness this bra offers and I’m looking forward to feeling summer sexy in it! Perfect for under cute dresses or for those cocktail parties when this mama is going to need a little pick me up. Or perk me up? (look out for a giveaway with them soon!!)



3. This beautiful lace top from Foschini with scallop detail. I love wearing white and I think it’s perfect for summer, especially after a few full days on the beach and your skin has a golden glow to it. White tops may not be perfect for kids, but It’s a risk I’m wiling to take and nothing will ever put me off a simple lacy top paired with some well-fitted jeans.



4. Speaking of fitted jeans, I found these online at Exact Clothing (Below) and loved them so much I got the darker blue pair. (above)  I have been living in them and I can just see them seeing me through the summer evenings feeling comfortable and relaxed.




5.  And for those hot summer days on the beach, I will be looking looking after my skin with Vichy South Africa – IDEAL SOLEIL HAUTE PROTECTION SPF 15 (Fresh hydrating milk)  and high protection, anti-blemishes face cream! I have been using the face cream everyday and I love it that it doesn’t leave your skin shiny while still being so moisturising and soothing on my dry skin.




6. And of course the gorgeous cozzie I bought from Spree featured above too is one of my best finds!! My mom tum isn’t quite back into shape (I’m not sure it ever will be!) and I’m not one of those moms who is going to let that stop me from having fun on the beach and in the waves with my kids! Instead I’ve chosen a lovely full-piece that will offer my boobs support and my confidence a boost so I can enjoy a summer of swimming without feeling too insecure. (The best part is that this full piece only cost me R500!)

7. What’s a holiday without a beautiful fragrance that has you dreaming of more relaxing days spent doing all the things you love? For me that’s MONTBLANC Lady Emblem. It’s a little sweet but in just the right amount and it’s fun while still being sophisticated. Also the bottle is so GORGEOUS!!! My hubs bought this for me before Hunter was born and I haven’t really used it very much during her first three months but she’s not too sensitive to strong smells anymore so mama’s busting this one out this summer!

8. The classic black Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunnies! Every so often I try venture off and try something new but I always come back to these and here’s why – they are classic and go with EVERYTHING. They also suit just about any face. They are great for casual day vibes and look nice with a a smarter look. You know, incase beach missions turn into sundowners on the Camps Bay strip.

9. My White Nike sneakers – These are probably the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn and so rad for summer. I love wearing sneakers with shorts and even dresses and these are just perfect all round!


And there you have it folks! Now I need to add a dress to this list! Anyone bought any amazing summer dresses lately? I’m desperate for some smart and casual ones so hit me up in the comments please!! Long, short and everything in between! ♥



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