Isn’t it funny how we can go from willing time to go faster in the eager anticipation of something exciting to wanting time to stand still and moments to last forever? That’s exactly how it’s been for us with our recent trip to Mauritius.

For weeks we counted down the days on our calendar leading up to the 17th of June. The day we would embark on our first overseas adventure to Mauritius as a family. And once we got there, the minute our pale feet touched the golden sand we knew we wanted our week there to never come to an end.

In saying that, our time in Mauritius went slower than I thought it would. I think that without all the admin and busyness of life back back home, time does this wonderful thing in paces like this, It slows down. Time seems to stand still. It makes sense when there’s no wasting time doing mundane things, meaning we had more hours in our day to do the things we loved, to let life catch up with us and soak up the calm tranquility that a place like this offers.

So what were our highlights?

I LOVED being with my kids! Guys, you all know I love my kids, but being with them without all the other responsibilities was truly such a gift and one I’m not going to ever forget! I was able to enjoy them in a way I haven’t been able to in recent years. I was able to enjoy each of them individually on different levels instead of treating them like a heard of sheep. We literally spent every waking hour together playing in the sand, swimming in the ocean,  going on boat rides, walking on the beach and indulge in long delicious afternoon naps. Of course there were loads of cocktails and dinner date nights in between the time spent with our kids, which was the cherry on the top. Being able to connect with my main man was such a blessing and reminded us again how important it is to spend as much one-on-one time together as possible. Those date nights are super important yo!!

In a nutshell, I was blown away by how easy going our kids were from the second we got to the airport. As if by some miracle, Hunter barely cried all week after a week of non-stop moaning due to cutting THREE teeth at the same time! She slept for 4 hours on the 5 hour flight there and 3 hours on the flight home. She had a daily mid-morning nap of 2-3 hours EVERYDAY and the best part that she slept wherever we were: on the beach, by the pool, having lunch and even on a boat ride! She was amazing and in her element being outdoors everyday.

The boys loved having having our undivided attention and relished the connected moments with their dad, such a beautiful thing to see. They showed appreciation for everything and it was amazing to witness their maturity on that level, knowing full well how blessed they were to be there. They were entertained by the hotel’s Kids Club doing everything from sand castle building, festivals, fruit salad making, beach games, tennis to cinema nights on the beach (While mom and dad enjoyed a quiet meal!) And every time they came back to us they shared in delight about how amazing their holiday was.

There were so many special moments shared between our kids, that it’s hard to account for them all, but I think our pictures will show you more aptly just how much fun we had. And just how special this place is.






Thank you for having us Mauritius! You will always hold a very special place in our hearts!



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