Guys seriously how can it almost be December? Like, where has another year gone? I seem to be even more sensitive to time this year because there are only few weeks remaining that my big boy will be attending preschool before he makes his grand entry into Grade R! It’s just quite a lot for my brain to grasp. I tell you what though, I’m really looking forward to the holidays before this big day and just enjoying some much needed family time.

There are still so many lose ends we need to tie up before the end of the year though and exciting new projects that are in progress that need to be finalised before we surrender ourselves to lazy days by the pool, flipping chops on the braai, mini road trips and those gorgeous beach days that leave your skin and hair sun kissed and salty.

And I know for many of you moms it’s the same – although your kids begin their holidays in the next few weeks, you are still facing work deadlines, christmas prep, year end functions and general craziness. So it can often be tricky with kids being on holiday before yours has actually begun, where you are have to make sure your kids are kept busy during the first few weeks of holiday. So you may be interested to know that Super Sport United Soccer Schools are running another holiday camp during December and the first week of January! (perfect for those parents who are going back to work in the early new year!)

If you are not aware of the amazing benefits of a soccer programme like this, read more about them here. You will be surprised at just how much this program can offer your child, both on and off the field!

So for those who are keen, please contact Wesley or Brent who are the masterminds behind this amazing school and see if you would like to sign your kids up. Who knows they may like it so much, they decide they want to sign up for classes! Here’s everything you need to know :


Good luck with your week ahead mamas, There’s light at the end of the tunnel 🙂 xxxx

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