There’s a wise old saying that says “boys will be boys” and as mom to two of them, I couldn’t agree more! Life with my two little guys is fast-paced and daring and they are constantly chasing the next adventure. (And their little sister isn’t too far behind them!)

Living in a shared apartment block means we have the benefits of safety (as far as stranger danger and the likes are concerned) and our kids are able to really make the most of our huge garden which lends itself to lots of outdoor play. With a jungle gym, trampoline, swings, a paved area for bikes and countless tree to climb, my kids are blessed to be able to experience a childhood of fun and adventure. A childhood of wonder and imagination where creativity is at the heart of all they do.

Of course, in these types of environments, there are certain things that I cannot always protect them from and they are bound to encounter the odd bruise or scrape. While I can do my best to ensure their safety from serious external dangers, there are always small accidents just waiting to happen. In fact, if I were completely honest with you, over the last few months alone I can account for at least a dozen times we have had to turn to our first aid kit for assistance : falling through a tree branch, tumbling off a bike, tripping over a ball, losing balance on the jungle gym and falling hands-first on the gravel, are just a few instances where we have had to clean up more than just a few tears.

It was for this very reason that I was so happy to hear about Elastoplast’s wound care kit that promotes three easy steps (Cleanse, Protect, Heal) when it comes to looking after those nasty little scrapes! So often it’s a case of them not wanting to miss out on any more fun than absolutely necessary and it doesn’t help that I’m always so unprepared, scratching around in my bathroom for cotton wool, antiseptic cream and plasters. (With the added drama of crying and telling me what happened in every major detail!)

The great news about the Elastoplast range is that it’s quick and easy as ONE, TWO, THREE! 

1. Cleanse : Simply spray the wound with the Elastoplast Wound Spray to cleanse it from dirt, bacteria and visible particles to prevent infections.

2.  Protect : your wound from dirt and bacteria to enable an undisturbed healing by covering your wound with a plaster, sterile wound dressing or compress from Elastoplast.

3. Heal : Lastly, once the wound has had time to settle and begin the healing process you can apply the Elastoplast Wound Healing Ointment until the wound has healed completely. This aids with scaring too!

Now I know Noah will kill me one day for saying this, but as much as he’s a boy, he’s also a little dramatic when it comes to seeing to his cuts and scrapes and so I know the spray element is going to come in really handy because there will me minimal fuss! No need to touch the wound with cotton wool or soak it in anything. SCORE!

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*This post was written on collaboration with Elastoplast – website/Facebook

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