I sometimes look at my ever-growing children and forget how small they once were, the early phases of their lives. It’s the strangest thing. If it were not for the photos that pop up, or conversations where we allow our minds to trace back in time, it’s as though those early newborn days never really existed. 

But when I do allow my mind to retrieve back to those early newborn days, there are few things that really stand out, especially in my season as a first-time mama, dealing with the many challenges of motherhood. Things I had never faced before! 

I obviously remember the overwhelming sense of love, followed equally by the overwhelming sense of responsibility. Noah brought with him all the normal “firsts” of having a newborn, but truthfully I felt as though I was the first woman in history to have ever experienced any of it. That’s the crazy thing about motherhood, its only when you reach out, ask questions, read articles and find your mom tribe, do you realise that are not alone in your battles, your anxieties and your self-doubt. ( and that there’s plenty of valuable resources and advice out there!) 

So, besides the immense feelings of love and pride, what was one of the things that really stood out for me for the first few months of all my kids lives? Well, mamas… the COLIC! No one tells you how hard those first few months can be as your baby’s gut develops, and their little tummies adjust to the milk on demand. 

And no one tells you about the sleepless nights, the constant crying from 5pm and the feeling that no matter how hard you try, you cannot comfort or soothe your desperate baby. No body tells you how you will spend hours crying out of pure and utter helplessness. 

I think it was only by the time Brody was born, and when he was experiencing mild colic symptoms (in comparison to Noah), that I had learnt about the benefits of Probiotics drops for babies and how they could assist with colic symptoms. I started him on them as soon as I saw the signs, and to my surprise they worked! ( As much as I may not have wanted to admit my mom being right all those years 🙂 ) 

By the time Hunter was born, I was prepared long before she even arrived, knowing all too well the benefits, and how they could be used to ease discomfort and gut inflammation in my baby’s tummy. The feeling of being able to offer her something that would ease her discomfort brought an immense sense of relief that only a parent will know. She was by far our easiest baby and I think Reuterina drops played a big part in that. 

You can read that article here.

The way I see it, understating the cause of colic can help determine the appropriate treatment. So let’s look at what colic is. 

“Colic in infants is considered a common self-limiting disorder in early infancy and represents one of the most common problems during the first four months of life.” 

Recent studies have shown that there is a higher degree of inflammation in the intestine in children with colic. Further more, these clinical studies have shown that a probiotic supplement with a specific probiotic can cause anti-inflammatory actions in the gut. 

Gut flora have been shown to affect immune functions and balance within the gut considerable during the first few months of life. Scientists have been able to determine the degree of inflammation that occurs in the gut through the analysis of certain clinical markers. How incredible is that? So there really is solid, groundbreaking proof! 

Better yet, Reuterina colic drops really seem to come out tops in their effectiveness. Why? Because they contain a specific probiotic strain, Lactobacillus reuteri. 3 clinical studies have shown positive evidence for the use of Reuterina in the treatment of infant colic. In ALL THREE studies infants experiencing colic who were treated with Reuterina drops had significantly decreased crying time PLUS a reduction in inflammation markers in their gut! 

So it really makes sense that if inflammation is the main culprit of colic, a probiotic is key in treating these symptoms! Remember, it’s important to ensure your chosen probiotic strain has evidence of effectiveness in treating colic. You will be happy to know know that Reuterina has a range of probiotics for the WHOLE FAMILY as well! Although Reuterina Drops are for babies, there are also the following products available…

REUTERINA VIT D DROPS, REUTERINA JUNIOR, REUTERINA DAILY, REUTERINA ACUTE and REUTERINA FEMME. *A probiotic is super important to continue with as your children get older, especially during times when antibiotics are used. 

We still use this product with all our kids today!

As a mom of three and I can confidently say, I believe in the effectiveness of Reuterina colic drops, and would highly recommend it if your baby is suffering from colic, and you are taking strain. Remember too, this is a season and it will pass and your baby will eventually be happy and sleep well. Be kind to yourself and don’t be scared to ask for help and seek advice. You’ve got this! 

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DISCLAIMER : While this post is sponsored, I assure you all thoughts, options and words are honest and my own.

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