Let me just say it for what it is. I do quite a lot for my kids. OK that’s a lie. I do a shitload for my kids! I mean, every mother reading this will know the patience, tolerance and endurance that’s required to raise little humans. Ones who are generally more needy that Kanye and his oversized ego. It’s not all  fun and games and blissful living – I mean we are kinda expected to keep them alive and make sure they make it through their days, at least partially unscathed. And holy mother of pearl, it’s exhausting right?

There’s the common notion that before kids you were focused on your career, where your area of expertise usually lay in a specific niche. Then you had kids and BAM!! Somehow you become an expert in 47 others. We become cooks, maids, taxis, nurses, referees and maybe even lawyers by the time they reach their teenage years. Without us even realising it we play 20 different roles before they have even eaten their first round of breakfast.  So yes, I think its fair to say we do a SHITLOAD of stuff for our little critters and really all deserve some kind of an accolade for making it thus far with our sanity  still in tact – Unless you call, crying yourself to sleep some nights, cradling an empty bottle of wine in the foetal position a reason to call the psych ward? (In which case, I’m number 48, last house on the left).

But here’s the thing (And this may go without saying), lately I have felt so blessed by all the things they do for me. Maybe not in  grand acts of kindness or big momentous gestures, but in the small everyday things they offer me – not only as their mom, but an ordinary human being. Someone who ordinarily may have landed up in on empty path to nowhere, had it not been for them and the way they changed the way i see the world.

I often try and remember the time before they were born – and it’s almost as though I can’t, like they have always been part of me. (Wine with your cheese?)  I can’t remember my life without them. All I really know is that life became a whole lot more exciting and purpose-filled when they made their entrance into our lives and that being their mom has been one of the most beautiful journeys I have ever been on. They have offered me so many things and taught me so many lessons just by being who they are.

Here’s what my children have taught me and continue to teach me in their simple and innocent existence.

  1. They teach me to look at the world differently and not be so cynical. Ok so the world has gone to shit and people are acting more like animals these days than actual human beings. We live in a time where war is prevalent and governments are fallen. Father’s leave their spouses and children, people get sick, mother’s can’t find jobs to support their families.  But they show me that there is still beauty in the world – in all its brokenness, there is still so much love and goodness.
  2. They teach me to slow down and put my phone away – We all have this problem to at least a certain degree. My children tell me straight out now “When you are finished your work, put your phone away and be with us!” They remind me how important it is to be present, the way they are.
  3. They teach me to believe in magic and remind me that I can do things. Self-doubt is a monster that steals from me on a daily basis. It literally takes away from who I am and what I set out to accomplish. My children, in their unaffected way of thinking, tell me I can do anything. The way I tell them they can do anything. Why would this advice not apply to me too then?
  4. They teach me about what truly matters. Yes there was so much to live for before becoming a parent – I’m really not idolising my kids saying they are my sole purpose for living! But becoming a mother only solidifies the things that REALLY matter. Things like health, connectedness, love, support.  These are far more important than a bigger house or fancy car or making sure we become the next big thing at work.
  5. They teach me to be daring and adventurous and not to be such a wet! While I’ve always had a bit on an adventure streak in me, my kids help me embrace life and have fun! Just this weekend we went camping and I love it that their need for adventure, gets me out of my normal rut.
  6. They teach me not to panic and just breath! I’m a worrier – often riddled with anxiety about the silliest things. My kids remind me that I can’t sweat the small stuff all the time. They are quite patient with me when it comes to this and I know I have to work on it more. They remind me that I can’t expect too much from them or myself, to take the pressure off. They remind me that I need to prioritise and that it’s OKAY to shift things around on my To-Do lists.

How can two little people teach an adult so many significant things? How can they change me so deeply from the inside out? ~Somehow they just do – I think its all part of God’s glorious master plan.  I’m feeling so so very grateful that I get to be taught these life lessons by two of the most incredible little humans!

Noah and Brody if you read this post one day, (I pray wth all my heart you do!!) please know how grateful I am for all the lessons you continue to teach me. Thank you for showing me how life really should be lived and reminding me of what’s truly important. You, my boys are my greatest achievements and I am so excited for the lessons you will continue to teach me in this lifetime.



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