Tonight I will be running the Tokai Forrest “Women For Change” run. I will be running for Fraziska. I will be running for the UCT student. I will be running for Sinoxolo. I will be running for every woman who has lost their life or been a victim of such heinous crimes.

And I would LOVE it if you came too.

I will not hide behind my laptop doing nothing, instead I will unite with other women as we take a stand against the heartless acts of violence against women in South Africa.

PLEASE PASS THIS ON! And invite your friends to come along. Here is the Facebook page to invite people! Women for Change and this is all you need to know:

Enough is enough! Violence against women and children is a global pandemic and we will not stand aside watching it taking place!

The brutal murders just in recent days have shown again that our women and children are not safe.

There is nothing done to protect us! Daily women and children continue to be attacked, violated in many different ways, in our homes, our streets, our places of education, even in our nature. We are haunted by fear everywhere we go.

As women we must stand united to fight for an end to violence against women and children! Let’s run together to claim back our safety and to cherish our beautiful girls, who have been senselessly killed in this country!

Every single day families have to say their good byes way too early. We have to be the change we are so desperately begging for.

Date: Tuesday, 15th March 2016
Start Time: 6pm
Meeting Point: Tokai Forest, Dennedale Entrance
Distances: 4km Run / Walk
*The distance has been reduced from 5 to 4km, as participants need a chance to join the Community Safety Meeting in Alphen Hall afterwards.

*This is an all women event, accompanying man however are welcome to cheer us up on the road and keep a protecting eye.

No entry fee or registration! Just show up and run for change with us!

Please bring flowers to remember all our girls taken too soon. (Please keep it green, no plastic wrap).

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