My big boy has moved into his own big boy bedroom. A room that up until a few days ago was a dumping ground for all the washing and everything else that hadn’t found a home since we moved in.
I found myself staring at it the other day, the heaps of ironing, toys and all the nonsense you tend to collect with kids and I got a little bee in my bonnet. Well, at the time I thought I would just start with the sifting of junk and before I knew it I had two black bags full of crap to throw out, a tidy cupboard, a made up bed and a newly painted book shelf.
Are you like that too? When you start something you just cant stop til its finished. While his room is nowhere close to being finished, im off to a good start. With a few more fillers, his room is going to be transformed into a classy, modern more mature big boy bedroom. Here are some pictures im using as inspiration, the theme being black and white with pops of bright colors (mainly red and yellow).

Seeing as we have a very Scandinavian vibe going throughout our home, I love it just as much for a kids room!
Bare in mind I am doing this all on a budget and trying to make do with what we already have. It’s quite a fun challenge that I enjoy: making old things new by giving them a little lick of paint or using something in a way it hasn’t been used before. Besides the bedding, rug and wall vinyl, most of the decor/furniture are things I will/have restored.

room 2

room 1

room 4

I love the bold prints and quirkiness while still maintaining a modern and contemporary feel.

I wanted something that Noah could keep growing into and something that we could also use as a guest room when we have people stay over. Instead of all the prints being black and white, I have a few others in mind. One of the prints being the Super Hero poster we were given from Tickled Blue.


I’ve even decided to paint the base of his double bed a gun-metal grey, the same colour I painted the shelf for all his toys and collectables. It’s not quite black but close enough for me.

room 6 room 7

The things I’ve managed to source quite easily are these cross wall vinyls as well as his bed linen. Although, I’m still undecided about which one to go for. Maybe you can help?

simply child

This is the actual wallpaper we have ordered from Simply Child Online for only R165! Noah chose it himself.


bed 2

Linen by Zana

bed 3

Linen by Linen House


Linen by Zana


I’m so undecided which to go with, i think he will have to choose himself and let’s be honest, he will most certainly go with the cat print.

Next to his bed just above high enough for him to reach, I’m putting a flat shelf to put all his books in for when we read at night. Instead of laying them long ways, you lay them flat, like in a children’s library. How cute?


I will paint the shelves either black or white!

 The last thing we will be doing is adding some vintage paper robots in square boxes on the one wall. I found this awesome book from a shop in Kalk Bay a few weeks ago and Noah fell in love with it. The best part is that we can have fun building them together!


How cool is this? We bought it for an absolute steal of R130!


This rug I found on sale on Superbalist for R699.

So there you have it, some fun easy ways to do up a room and make it look cool on a budget. Look out for a post in the next few weeks with the final outcome! I can’t wait!

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