I have a mom confession to make. Yes another one. I beg you to read to the end of the post before banishing me to fiery furnaces of hell.

I THROW 99% OF MY KIDS ART WORK AWAY. There I said it.

Now for one, if you saw how much art they brought home you would understand why! Secondly, I have no room big enough to store it all. I mean guys, my fridge is only so big.

Perhaps your child also comes home with half a tree’s worth of paper piled up for you to stick on the fridge? Perhaps you too know the feeling of crumpling it all up after you’ve oohed and aaghed over them long enough for them to know you are super super proud of all their little masterpieces.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t pretend to love their beautiful creations, I just get so much of it EVERY SINGLE DAY, that seeing the way they have mastered the belly buttons on our family portraits starts to get a little old. Now with two of them in play school (one that runs monthly competitions to see who can collect the most recycled paper and who seem to be running out of ways to use it) you can imagine the piles they come home with on an almost daily basis.

When Brody (my youngest) started this year I had a melt down moment the first day he brought home a picture with two lines on it. My heart burst with pride, what a clever little boy! By the third day I was sneaking his artwork out the back door with his big brother’s. *A little tip here mamas, try avoid getting caught doing this. It’s actually best to do this when they are not around. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been caught like a deer in headlights, forced to fib my way through it.

Now without wanting to sound harsh and I’m sure my kids will understand when they old enough to read this, most of them really are not master pieces at all. Like the one he brought home last week for instance. A spider with a happy face. A tiny little black spider which takes up 10% of the page. I mean without wanting to put pressure on my kid, Come on son! I’m sure he will agree that it doesn’t really deserve a place on the fridge. (I can literally hear some of you gasping at me. I can hear some of you actually cursing me too.)

There are some that I really love, so much in fact that I take a picture of them before I throw them away. It’s this funny little trick I saw on one of those nifty facebook videos where you literally snap a pic of their art before throwing it the (recycled) trash. Just so we can keep sending the school MORE paper to keep the cycle going you know?


I still would really love to know what the teachers think we are going to do with it all. I guess they wont to show us that are actually learning and doing some really amazing stuff. I guess they want us to take the 60 kilos of recycled paper off their hands.

Anyway I can’t tell you much better I feel to have gotten that off my chest! The weight has been lifted off my shoulders, although that might have more to do with the 20 Kg’s of artwork I just chucked out. Our house certainly looks and feels a little lighter!

Sorry kids, mommy loves you.

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