It’s hard to believe that almost 3 years ago to the day, I was sitting on my couch watching a beautiful documentary about a nomadic family and the mom giving birth to their baby at their home on the beach. Just 3 hours shy of birthing my own – our very first baby girl after two boys! What’s harder to wrap my head around is how fast this last year has gone in particular. It felt like Hunter turned two just the other day. But I guess we all know the feeling all too well – How much time passes in a simple blink of an eye.

Last year was different too, in that Hunny Bear was too little to really know what was going on. Which is why we waited ’til this year to throw her her first ever themed party – with all the bells and whistles! Or what we thought was going to be a big affair. And then… well Covid happened. Something she is now going to be blaming for more now than just not seeing her friends and grandparents. As if that weren’t bad enough.

In the hope of making it up to her we asked her what she wanted for her Birthday this year. And in true Hunny Bear fashion she announced she wanted a cake and sweets and more cake and sweets. No kidding, she wanted a Unicorn cake AND a Peppa Pig cake. As you can tell, she’s probably our child most dedicated to sweets and takes food VERY seriously at all times.

Anyway with some encouragement we finally got there in the end.

Here are her top 10 gifts on her wishlist

  1. A real Pet Unicorn. I called around and asked a few favours but turns out the best I could do was this Jeronimo Pet unicorn from 4Akid. I watched a couple of Youtube videos featuring them first and, was so happy to see that 4akid stocked them. Hunter is going to have her mind blown 🙂 These retail for around R249.
  1. A scooter – just to be like her big brother’s no doubt. We have seen some great ones on Takealot and Sportsman’s warehouse, I will let you know which one we decide on. (For those looking for the real deal for their more serious little scooter-pros – check out Hog Pro Scooters where we got ours boy’s ones. Although there is a waiting list as Jason is waiting for stock!)
  2. A Kid’s camera. So she can be little her Instagram mom no doubt 🙂 I love seeing my kids develop their imagination through capturing pictures, but finding my phone after they have sneaked it off somewhere? Not so much. Never mind the 67834 pictures I have to delete afterwards. This one from 4akid is really amazing. Here’s what to expect: It Includes camera, USB cable, strap and instruction leaflet. It’s Compact and lightweight and Easy to use.  It has a Camera and Video function and Built-in rechargeable battery. I cannot wait to see al three kids enjoy this awesome gadget. (Obviously with some parental supervision for the little one among us)

4. A kitchen sink and ALL the kitchen goodies – this child LOVES playing with her wooden kitchen and tea cups and pots. Now all she needs is something for her to practise washing all those dishes she going to be helping mom with in the coming years. Available at 4akid for R499

5. Lipgloss and nail polish – I have searched high and low for the Tinkerbell- style nail polishes I had when I was growing up. Any suggestions are welcome, I am yet to find something like this for her! These Unicorn box sets form Essence cosmetics look amazing! Available at Takealot.

6. A stamp set. Hunter LOVES art and has recently been asking for an old set of stamps that were thrown out after too much use. We resorted to making potato stamps with paint and while that was fun I searched high and low to find her something more suitable to play with everyday. These Melissa And Doug ones from 4akid are just so gorgeous and I cannot wait to see her get stick into some creative arty play.

7. Pretty hair bands and hair clips. Her hair has grown tremendously over the last while. And it’s wild my friends! So we have been experimenting with some plaits and got us thinking – we don’t do enough pretty hair styles, mostly due to the fact that we have lost almost every clip and hair accessory in our house. They must be in that parallel universe where all the single socks go. Some of our faves that I know she will love : Claires Accessories, Cotton On, and Accessorize.

8. A new wall decal to give her room a makeover. We were talking the other day of how we can spruce up her room and give it a facelift. We haven’t really done anything to it since she was born and I might have been swooning over the gorgeous ones and Kikki and Franki and convinced her 🙂 But either way she loves the idea of having something pretty on her wall! Any other suggestions welcome too!

9. New clothes from Keedo. Mamas have you seen the incredible clothing available at Keedo for little people at the moment? AND they are having a sale on some really gorgeous pieces. The Unicorn top is what really caught Hunter’s eye. Less R100, YAY!

10. New Wellies from Cotton On! This cold, rainy weather calls for the warmest and most fuss-free gumboots and these ones tick all the boxes! Obviously mom loves them because they are black- super stylish and easy to keep clean! 🙂

So now that we have some guidance from Hunny Bear, let’s see if we can make all our little girl’s Lockdown birthday dreams come true. 🙂

We cannot wait to celebrate with our special little girl this weekend! Happy Friday y’all xxxx

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