I’m still struggling wrap my head around the fact that on the 12th May my man and I will be married for 10 years. That’s 120 months. 521.429 weeks. 3650 days. 87600 hours that we have been joined in Holy Matrimony. SO many hours and months and yet it’s all gone so fast. Too fast.

Holy Matrimony aside, this is how long i have walked beside this blessing-of-a-man as we have navigated all that life has thrown at us. 6 homes, 7 jobs between the two of us jobs, 2 (and half) kids (also between the two of us), several countries travelled, countless arguments over towels and toilets seats, numerous make- up sessions (aren’t those the best?) and many a white flag waved. We have seen each other through sickness and celebrated our health with a great steak and good wine. In fact we have shared many a bottle of a red wine in both the happy times and the sad times – when drowning one’s sorrows in a good bottle of wine is just about the most acceptable thing to do.

Many adventures and parties, some worth the hang-over, some not. Many missions spent discovering new restaurants and places that make good Japanese food. Countless excursions into the winelands and discovering new Bed & Breakfasts along the way.

We have stared death in the eyes through two traumatic experiences and have come out of those situations knowing more than ever that God is real and that there is no one else we would rather be spending this one life with.

We have climbed a couple of mountains but realise we would much rather sit on a quiet beach together and soak up the sun. We have jumped off yatchs off the coast of Italy and eaten the best pasta known to man. We have have ridden scooters along the Indian coast with nothing more than a change of clothing and a shared toothbrush under our seat. We have hustled the streets of London and gotten so lost we thought our legs would break. (Yes that was the first of many times I flatly refused to take my husband’s advise and wear flats) We have gotten drunk on cheap whiskey on the beaches of Mauritius and drunk only the finest wine in Europe.

We have slowly made our house into home and felt responsibility of paying off a bond. We have stood the test of time when it comes to the hard, yet very rewarding job of raising two remarkable little boys. And we have, every night since they were born basked in the sheer wonder of how it is that we have created such perfect little humans.

But more than all these things, we have really been there for each other. Like really been there for each other.  We have supported each other’s dreams and carried each other through the trying times, when things haven’t seemed to have much chance of working out. We have encouraged each other, advised each other and found comfort in each other when the world seemed to have its own plans.

And to think that these things are only the tip of the iceberg – so many unspoken feelings and emotions. So many small everyday things that make up the bigger part of our journey. So many forgotten things along the way that have brought us to this place of knowing  more than ever what a good marriage means to us.

So I think it’s only fitting that we celebrate this milestone with a a coupe nights away at one of our favourite local spots – Franschhoek!

Last year Brendon surprised me with the news that he was taking me to New York for our 10-year Wedding Anniversary and I had to make a tough choice – Go to the one place I have wanted to go since I was 16 or fall pregnant and put off that lifelong dream for another 2 years. And we all know how that went down because at almost 7 months pregnant we’ve had to abandon those plans in favour of amore realistic celebration close to home.  I just couldn’t imagine traveling with a massive tummy and knew I wouldn’t really be able to make the most of a city like New York! I mean it would be shopping, walking for miles and drinking which are three impossible activities for any pregnant woman. Well, me anyway.

So we decided to do the next best thing and hit our favourite little spot close to home – FRANSCHHOEK!! This is what we will be getting up to!

We have been invited to stay at the oh-so gorgeous Franschhoek Boutique Hotel for a two night stay where we will will be making the most of hotel life! No cooking, cleaning or doing anything I don’t want to for two days! Yes please I hear every pregnant women saying! Their rooms boast the most insane mountain views and are edgy and while still maintaining such elegance and style. I wonder which room we are going to get!!!

On the Friday night we have booked a table at one of our favourite restaurants in Franschhoek Dutch East. Have you eaten there? It’s such an awesome spot with the yummiest food. Last time we were there we feasted on their inside-out deep-fried milk tart and let’s just say it’s all I’ve thought about since. I will definitely be getting amongst that deliciousness on our return, having even suggested to Brendon that we start with dessert. Let’s just say he made no protest!

On the Saturday we have booked Spa treatments at Le Franschhoek followed by a long lunch at Babylonstoren where we plan on lingering over delicious food and reminiscing over the last 10 years we have spent together. The best part about sit down meals like this in fancy restaurants is not having to run around after kids all afternoon. The only standing up I will be doing is to empty my bladder at certain intervals! (which let’s be honest is like 30 minutes at this stage!) Otherwise you will find me seated firmly in my chair sipping SMALL glasses of wine and stuffing my face.

On the Sunday we want to take it extra slow with late breakfast at the hotel. Then we want to hit the Main Street for a day of shopping, coffee drinking, lunch and wine-tasting. Sounds like heaven right? The perfect spoil for a 7 month pregnant mama who had to forfeit a trip NEW YORK! That day will come. Right now, a few nights away close to home is just about the best alternative!

Stay tuned for more about our stay next week! ♥




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