Weekends, are like gold to us. Of course, they have changed dramatically since we have become parents, but we are fiercely protective over them in the sense that we really try make the most of our time together. Two weekends ago we had a really crappy weekend. For some reason we just weren’t feeling the vibe and no matter what we thought of doing, we all ended up agreeing we would would rather poke our own eyes out. Well not really but you get the picture. We were all in just in horrendous moods, getting irritated with one another and before we knew it the weekend was over and we hadn’t done anything remotely memorable or worthwhile.

Waking up the following Monday was even worse because instead of making the most of our weekend, we had let it slip by. And I don’t know about you guys but it’s the worst place to start my week, feeling low and regretful.

This morning was different though. I woke up feeing revitalised and happy, knowing we had spent our weekend doing exactly what weekends were made for. It really has to go down in history as one of my favourite weekends of all time. And the funny thing is, we hardly did anything – well nothing that involved too much planning or too much money! I think that’s really what made it so memorable and special – we kinda went with the flow but at the same time ended up doing some pretty awesome stuff that left us feeling like balance had been restored to our busy lives.

On Friday night we had our usual movie night on the couch but, instead of pizza I made a big pot of lamb stew. We’ve recently noticed how movie nights have been more about the boys watching a movie while we end up sitting on our phones pretending to enjoy the movie. And so we made a pact with Noah that he could hide our phones in the bedroom so we could really enjoy it with them. Toy Story 3 was their movie of choice and it was so incredible to switch off, eat a warm meal on our laps and just cuddle under layers of blankets.

The next morning I was up early with the kids but feeling so happy and grateful despite it. I often long for the days where we could use weekend to sleep as late as we could and stumble out of bed at an ungodly hour, but there’s something about these early mornings with our little children. Seeing their fresh little faces in all their delight, smelling their sweet early morning breath (They still don’t wake up with horrible breath!), the scramble to get their cereal before turning on the telly or unpacking the lego. Cuddling on the couch, reading books and drinking half cups of tea- there’s just something about doing all this in our comfy warm lounge with slippers on our feet and our night gowns hugging our bodies. Something inside me just screams “GRATITUDE!” as I feel the depth of my personal wealth. These days I don’t miss those hungover-induced lie-ins as much as used to. Waking up to my three beautiful and energetic children is honestly where my heart is at and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

*Ok let me add a disclaimer – of course we all need sleep and it’s good to catch up, and I’m not saying we I don’t love a good night sleep lie in.  (What really helps is that hubs and I take turns to have a little lie in. So it did get my turn to sleep til 8 on Sunday). I’m just more saying that if I’ve had a decent night sleep, then waking up at the sparrows fart to enjoy early morning snugggles on my weekend with my kids is not the worst thing in the world. Far from it!

Back to our Saturday!! So we headed to my brother’s place on Saturday morning to enjoy a brunch with them and the cousins. We got there at 9.30 and left at 6pm! What stated off as breakfast need up being a whole day of relaxing together.  Yup, we kinda overstayed our welcome. Except we were welcome 🙂

We spent the rest of the day making pancakes, playing cards, sitting in front of the fire with coffee and watching tennis while the kids built forts, constructed card towers, watched movies and ate toast in front of the fire. We ended it off with take-away curry and red wine. It, my friends, was heaven!!


On Sunday it was my turn to enjoy a lie in, but woke up screaming for my babies to snuggle me in bed by 8am. By 9.30 am we were dressed in our Active wear (Aaactive-waar if you live in Cape Town) in the car on our way to Kirstenbosch. We ended up staying for almost three hours (seems we overstayed our welcome wherever we went this weekend!) and completed our first mini hike up Skeleton Gorge. It was nourishment for the soul as we meandered our way through the foot paths under the shady trees to find a beautiful waterfall.


We ended it off with a picnic on the grass, watching the ducks.  Such a wonderful morning, soaking up nature and being together. We realised once again how important it is to connect with your kids in nature like this. It opens up so many conversations about life and it presents so many opportunities to explain to them how things work. No only in nature and our environment, but in their personal lives at home and at school.

What do you do to connect with your kids in a  meaningful way? What are some of your best things to do as a family over the weekend?

Have a good week you lovely folk xxx




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