Did you know that in South Africa there are currently over 3 million domestic employees, many of whom are foreigners? Taking this into account, there is a rather high probability that one of these 3 million workers are in fact employed by you.

Most middle and upper class South African families are extremely fortunate to have help in the form of a domestic or nanny and for most (myself included), these men and women have become a significant part of our lives. If truth be told, I doubt many of us could live without them!

Lets face it, they look after our children (a job big enough to earn a medal in my books!) which involves preparing lunches, cleaning up after them, bathing and often entertaining them or taking them to Nanny and Me classes and for outings to the park.. They clean (and often cook too) and run our homes making our lives that much easier and more manageable.

Now let me ask you a question? How much value can one even begin to place on the well-being of our children and the quality of care these woman are investing in our children’s lives? Considering their role and all they do for both us and our little ones, I think its fair to say that their role is invaluable. Priceless.

Which is why I’m so excited to share this amazing product with you ladies, one that will hopefully get you as excited as I am to make a difference in our country by looking after our precious employees in the most affordable way.

I’m sure I’m not the only mom asking the very sincere and genuine question What more can we be doing for the protection and well-being of our nanny? or How can I help my domestic get the treatment she deserves when she becomes ill? and of course the other side of the coin, How can we ensure our life carries on as usual in the event that our nanny fall critically ill and find a replacement without breaking the bank?

We all know life happens. Nannies get sick, get into accidents and some have to deal with serious illnesses that keep them away from work for lengthy periods of time. With the cost of paying them when they are sick and having to call in extra help for the duration of their sick leave can exhaust us financially. So I’m here to share with you, the most wonderful solution, one that will benefit both parties! I’d like to tell you about The Domestic Employer protector.

Many of us in SA are fortunate to have comforts of medical aid, insurance policy’s that pay out if we are disabled, or ill, we often have financial recourses or have family that can help us in the event of medical impairments, accidental injury etc.

The sad reality is that our domestics often have very limited resources if accidents, illness or death occur. The unspoken reality is that they count on the generosity of their employer to assist if things go wrong.

However employers often do not have the capacity to provide for their injured /critically ill domestic as they often have to hire a temporary domestic and this results in the potential duplication of costs.

The Domestic Employee protector was developed to provide employers with an affordable insurance cover of only R95pm that provides their employee (home helper, gardener, carer, child minder) with comprehensive benefits that include some of the most important benefits that are needed:

*Accidental AND Severe illness Income protection R1000 per week   (Covering Cancer, stroke, heart attack etc)

*Funeral benefit of R18 000 in the event of natural death and *R68 000 IN THE EVENT OF ACCIDENTAL DEATH

*Repatriation R35 000 (THE COST OF TRANSPORTING the deceased can be as high as R18 000 to eastern cape and up to R35 000 if beyond the borders of SA)

*Accident hospital cash R 1000 per day (many people are injured due to taxi accidents, acts of violence)

*Trauma benefit R750 per session this provides cover for the family and the member


*R50 000 Disability cover

*R10 airtime every month

People that apply online can also choose a charity of their choice such as Pink Drive, Els for Autism, Common Good Foundation etc. R5 of the monthly premium is donated to the charity of your choice. Even though this sounds a little, many little’s make a lot!

We are looking after our nanny this way, and it feels great knowing she is looked after!

For more information go check out this awesome company Africa Direct who are all about making a difference and do the right thing by investing back into the life of your employee.





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