By Emma Lawson

You don’t need excessive amounts of money when it comes to decorating your kids’ bedroom. In fact there are many decor ideas that kids love which will cost close to nothing.  You and your kids can make some wall art which will look great – And lets not forget how proud they will be having their pieces of art displayed on the wall! All you have to do is purchase some cheap materials and help your children out a bit. My kids love these DIY projects and their wall is full of things we have made together over time.

Here are some projects you and your kids will enjoy!


This is a project my kids were so excited about. We took some of their old car miniatures and put them in a frame. What we did was that we arranged them according to the colors so the whole thing looks like a real piece of art. The only things you will need for this project are around 30 car miniatures, a wooden frame, some coloured paper for the background and glue.


This is another fun project that kids just love. All you will need is frame, paper, paint and your hands. Get a couple of colors that will fit in the room and have your kids put their hands in it. After that they can use their hands to make interesting shapes on the paper. They can make trees, birds or basically anything they want out of their handprints. Pick up a frame that matches the colours on the painting and the decoration is finished.


You can also make interesting decorations by using nothing but coloured paper. We picked up several colours and decided to make a big raining cloud out of it. We used white color to make a big cloud above their desk. It took us around 10 sheets of white coloured paper to do so. After that we took other colours and cut many raindrop shapes. We glued those below the cloud so the whole thing now looks like it is raining right on their desk.


This is a very simple idea that kids simply adore. We picked up some Artline colored pens and we all drew the portraits of the people we saw on the TV. We paused every couple of minutes and all had to draw the character on which the screen stopped. Once we were finished we picked the best drawing of each character and framed it on the wall. I picked the same frames for all the drawings and hung them neatly in a line next to each other. All of the quirky pictures lined up in rows make it so cute and effective.



We also managed to find use for the many buttons we had sitting in the closet and around the house. We took some coloured paper and tried to make some interesting shapes using only buttons we found. We picked those of the some color and arranged them in circles and other interesting shapes. Try to think of some other things you can make of the buttons like a rainbow or an animal. Frame your masterpiece and put it up on the wall.

Not only those are great for your kids’ room but they are also excellent gift ideas. My kids’ friends have loved the art pieces we have given them over the years.

Go on, try one of these fun craft activities over the weekend, what a fun thing to do as a family!


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