It was while sitting at my hairdresser, moaning to him for the third visit in a row about how my hair had turned to crap that I met Angi Whittle for the first time. In came this cute little blonde with so much bounce in her step it was hard to not notice her. Or the fact that she was experiencing the exact same issues with her dry hair!

Sitting in the hairdresser together that day we began commiserating over our hair woes and just like we were friends. Don’t you love that about girl friendships? That something as trivial as hair can spark a conversation that opens you up to the best kind of friendship. We must have chatted for well over an hour about eyelashes, festivals and what we do with our lives. I showed her videos of my kids and we laughed like we had known each other for years.

I soon discovered Angi was a photographer (Angi Whittle Photography) and saw an opportunity for us to work together at some point in the future. Fast forward a few months, when I was looking for someone to shoot our Big Boy Bedroom Makeover, and she immediately came to mind. And to be honest the rest is kind of history.

Her work is amazing and she captures moments and things so beautifully. She is now my go-to-girl for all our shoots! And she once again proved herself to be nothing short of fabulous with our Master Bedroom Makeover shoot last month.

Wanna know a little bit more about Angi? Read more….

How long have you been a photographer? 

I finished studying at Ruth Prowse in Woodstock in 2007. So I have been shooting for an entire decade now. In many ways it seems like yesterday and in other ways that makes me feel old!! But I am proud to say I have loved every second!!

What are your favourite things to photograph and why? 

I was born a people person. So working with other creatives or having people as my subject is my thing. I love shooting social and corporate events because you meet so many people. But I also love creating a close relationship with families and helping record good memories for them. I started off photographing children as practice and they remain my favourite subject. So innocent and flawless as well as unpredictable and unaware, which makes it fun!!

What would you say your photography style is and how has it progressed over the years? 

I would describe it as a mixture between candid and fine art/portraiture.

I have always had a deep passion for black and white photography. I just find its just so timeless and full of soul. As cliché’ as it is, my best is to capture a moment for someone to hang onto forever. I will never get tired of seeing a clients face light up at the memories I have frozen for them.

Share some pictures of your favourite shoots…. 

What would you like to capture more of? 

I’d love to do more creative stuff, it’s just finding the time!! But I really love the fashion side of things.

It’s something I need to make more time for to get the creative juices flowing.

What are your favourite kinds of “people shoots” Ie :Forrest/Industrial/Urban/Beach? 

I have to start off with mentioning how blessed I am to live in a city that offers all four of those options and more!! I love edgy shoots. So out of those I would say industrial and urban, but probably because they are the less common. A photographer loves to shoot something different. But I will never tire of our lush forests and endless beautiful beaches.

Has it been fun to branch out into interior decor and design shoots? You are pretty natural at it!

It’s been great Leigh, thanks for the opportunity. I look forward to the next shoot! ♥

And so do I Ang!

Look out for our Nursery reveal later on this year! It’s been decided that we will wait for our little bean to feature in the pictures so we are aiming for August/September!! Keep a look out for another fabulous competition xxxx

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