There is no denying that living through this covid19 pandemic has taken its toll on us as a family. We have had some very high highs but some equally low lows. I always, no matter what my reality, try to compare my situation to that of someone less fortunate and this is something that has always brought us back to a feeling of gratitude. Gratitude for the things we have. Gratitude for the small and sometimes very simple things.

Because that’s exactly what the last 3 weeks have taught us as a family. We have been able to take stock of our lives and find true meaning in our everyday life at home. In the moments we so often took for granted. We have had to learn how to work as a team, how to listen to each other’s worries and frustrations and even learn each other’s love languages all over again. And we have had to get really creative when it comes to staying connected and finding ways to keep the joy alive.

BOS Ice Tea have inspired us to do exactly that : Find small moments of Joy In the midst of a BIG global pandemic. We have gone on quite a journey with our favourite brand of ice tea and over the last 3 weeks and BOS has been at the centre of many happy and joy-filled moments.

If you haven’t been following our adventures on Instagram, here is a recap of all our magical moments:

  1. A garden picnic was enjoyed on a Sunny Autumn morning – There was something so delightful about seeing my three children sitting together on a blanket, eating sandwiches and sipping Bos Ice tea while Noah read the little ones a story. Such a simple and almost trivial thing, but it stirred such joy in their little hearts. They loved the fact that I went to the trouble of setting up a proper picnic for them and sat back watching them enjoy it together.
  1. Who can forget our Home Restaurant night? We created our own menus, set the tables, made dinner and served the kids home-made pizza from there very own Pizzeria! Of course we had to make at authentic as possible and allowed them to order their own special drink, as we would had we gone out for dinner. And it was no surprise the BOS Unsweetened Sparkling Ice teas were the drink of choice. Something a little bit more fancy with a sparkle 🙂 Noah chose PINEAPPLE & COCONUT , Brody went with White Peach & Elderflower, with Hunter enjoyed theBLUEBERRY & JASMINE!
  2. A lovely afternoon braai with Bos Ice Tea slushies refreshments, and spent the afternoon on the grass playing games and listening to music. Such simple pleasures, but gave us such a great sense of togetherness, despite this real isolation.
  3. We put the joy back in Home-schooling with their all time favourite refreshment served a half time. I love how this gave them the focus and determination to go the extra mile. Their second half of school work was also more enjoyable after a yummy snack and cold refreshment.
  4. BOS Ice tea joined our Tuckshop! This has been such a saving grace to me at this time and its worked wonders with getting the kids to help around the house and show diligence towards school work. Every day we tally up their completed chores and general behaviour and the tuck shop is opened for them to shop their favourite treats.
  1. Movie night was also a wonderful experience with home-made pizza (AGAIN!) and delicious BOS Ice Tea slushies and popcorn to accompany a great family movie!
  2. And why, mom and dad also got to experience the joy of Bos Ice teas as we enjoyed a cocktail or two using Bos Unsweetened Sparkling! We simply mixed a shot of Gin with my favourite flavour of Sparkling!
  3. I was pleasantly surprised to discover how much my kids also enjoyed our Immune boosting drink we conjured up using the BOS lemon unsweetened. We simply grated fresh ginger, juiced a lemon and mixed it with hot water and a spoon of honey. Once we allowed it to sit for a minute or two we topped it up with the lemon Bos Unsweetened Ice Tea. It was so yummy, it soon became something Noah has asked for everyday since then.

For more of the fun hit our HIGHLIGHTS reel over on Instagram!

Moms, you’ll be glad to know that BOS’s range of Ice tea is caffeine free, colorant free, preservative free and their UNSWEETENED range is completely sugar free! BOS ice tea is made from real rooibos tea and is 100% organic too, so you can rest assured knowing you’re getting some really goodness in every glass.


“Ever heard of antioxidants? Well, Rooibos is packed with them. We can’t quite promise eternal youth, but antioxidants certainly help to slow down the ageing process. Don’t know about you, but we’ll take all the help we can get.

Rooibos helps you to detox and feel more energetic. It’s got more than its fair share of essential minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese, zinc & magnesium. We need all of those to maintain strong teeth, healthy hair & skin and a good-looking skeleton.Rooibos also contains alpha hydroxyl acid – the science stuff that helps to reduce wrinkles.

So all in all not bad for a bush! No wonder it’s considered one of the Top 50 Superfoods of all time. You’re still paying attention? Good. We can go on. And we will.

Did we mention that it’s 100% naturally caffeine free? Say bye-bye to counting sheep and hello to your daily dose of 8 hourzzzzzz. Rooibos is also full of electrolytes. These are handy when it comes to rehydration and to help regulate your blood pressure. Last but not least … rooibos helps inflammation. If your mind says fun but your tummy says ouch, rooibos can help with that.

And if anyone asks, there’s the equivalent of at least 1 cupful of brewed rooibos goodness in every serving of BOS, that equals half of your daily dose of antioxidants. If it doesn’t say ‘organic rooibos’ then it’s not the real deal.”

  • This post was written in collaboration with BOS Ice Tea

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