If you’ve been following me for the last year you will know how much I have loved making our new house a home. I honestly fall more in love with it every single day! While we bought it in pretty good nick, I love it that there are still areas that need some love and good old TLC or simply sourcing some great pieces to style and integrate with what we already have. Oh the potential that awaits the little spaces that make up our home!

The launch of HOLT has come at just the right time and has freshly inspired me to take on these little projects, one area at time. There are two or three spaces in our home that require some attention and finishing touches, the number one on our list being our patio leading on the pool. It’s certainly the part of our home we spend most of these glorious summer days and where we feel, will get the best return on our investment. Rule number one : Spend money on areas in your home that people naturally gravitate to!

I love it that Holt offer EVERYTHING you need for you home – from outdoor furniture, decor pieces and baskets to the most amazing garden solutions to bathroom and storage. Get this, they even offer garage storage solutions for equipment and tools. And no not you old school 80’s shelving, think gorgeous locker style cabinets and tool storage that will even have the men swooning! 🙂


HOLT is the all- new online website showcasing some of the best in home and decor. A site which I have to admit has already “stolen” hours of my time, as I’ve literally scrolled their website from top to bottom, creating wish lists and dreaming up the most Pinterest worthy outdoor settings imaginable. I’m In LOVE with everything about this high-end, oh so trendy brand!

“As specialists in the import and distribution of various home and garden products into the SA market for over 20 years, we have seen some incredible offerings from suppliers all around the world – including local manufacturers in our own backyard – creating incredible products, but often times the depth of these offerings never reach our market.

Given our long-established relationships with world-class manufacturers across the home & garden space, we wanted to bring the South African consumer the ability to access and choose from products that we believe in. Products that we have in our own homes, and products that make everyday living that much better: always offering the best quality, at the right price, delivered to your door.

Beyond the product range, and equally as important to us, we want to offer you the highest levels of customer experience possible: we’ve taken the home-improvement shopping experience as you know it and shaken it up.

When you choose to shop with us you can expect a boutique-style online shopping experience executed by our in-house team: delivered with flair, efficiency, knowledge and professionalism from beginning to end. Every product that you see on our site is hand-picked by our team of sourcing experts to ensure that only products of the highest standards are on offer.

Your experience with us shouldn’t simply begin and end with the purchase of excellent product – we are here to offer as much convenience and value-add to your journey with us as possible. Tell us what you’re working on, how your project is coming along, where you’re stuck: we are here to help.

We place a weighty emphasis upon sustainability and mindful procurement – working with suppliers who share the same values as us, and encourage responsible consumption to protect our collective home: Earth.

HØLT: your home, improved.”

So to give you an idea of their vast offerings I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite products they stock. Come check it out!


  1. Portals 6 Seater Dining Set – Dark
A matching outdoor kitchen of dreams (sold separately)

2. Set of 3: Rochester Side Tables

3. Barry Occasional Chair – This really suits our color scheme and aesthetic.

4. Rochester Lounge Sofa – I love everything about these boho-style chairs! So many great ways to style them and have fun with bringing in other elements. SO very trendy right now!

5. Barry Sun Lounger – As I’s shown in my IGTV video, we have an area outside our bedroom leading onto the pool where we are needing some loungers for chilling and tanning. I love that these don’t hold water and so they are ideal for after a swim. I am smitten!


1. Carlet Indoor Rug – Grey – I love me a beautiful rug, and this one is just so versatile. It’s natural but with some lovely detail in the print and so could really be used in both a light or more colourful space.

2. Anne Basket 30cm – Set of 2 – Great for indoor or outdoor and outdoor plants. I LOVE these for bigger plants on the floor or smaller, softer leaves cascading over shelves.

3. Miami Wall Rack – There are really no ends to where this shelf should be used. On a patio, a lounge, a bathroom, or even above a bed. I love its mix of wood and metal.

4. Room Divider with Mirror – Gosh I with I had space for this in my home! I may end up getting it for our loft above the garage as I think it adds such a great feature. We need more hanging space as well as a mirror, and this ticks both those boxes!


  1. Veggie Wall – you’ve seen the state of our courtyard/veggie garden. Between the moles and the squirrels, we are simply not winning and i hate the way out tomatoes (although growing beautifully) are laying flat on the ground and just looking horribly messy! This is the PERFECT answer for viney veggies that need a little height and support.

2. Grow Table – How cute and quaint are these? A few of these around the sides of house will help keep herbs and plants neat as a pin!

3. Ascot Plant Holder – I have really grown to love the style of these plant holders over the years and these ones are simply gorgeous!

4. Black Hanging Basket – Just imagine these with cascading leaves gently flowing over the edges. Perfect for a patio or any outdoor space!

5. Keter Grande Store – Every man’s dream am I right? Well, actually every woman’s dream because it means no clutter spread around the house. Everything stored beautifully for when you actually need it!

So that’s just the few items I’ve searched for the areas in my home I’m needing help with. There are endless storage solutions, furniture options and decor pieces, that will simply blow you away. If you’re on the hunt for anything for your home or garden, go check them out.

Visit their website here and follow them on Instagram here.

Go check out my latest IGTV post with a mini (READ: Very un-styled ) tour of our our home and the few ideas I have to upgrade it! FULL tour coming soon!

Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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