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There are so many things I want to teach my children, but if I had choose one thing it would be kindness and compassion. Ok those are two things but they really go hand in hand. One really cannot exist without the other.

I’m desperate to find opportunities where we can exercise these traits. I want to give my children the opportunity to show they care and to give back to the community in which they live.

I know what you are already thinking. But they are only two and four years old. Well exactly, it’s about time! I have been on the lookout for small non-profit organizations that help the community in ways where my family can get involved. I’ve been trying to find ways we can be together as a family and do something good for the people less fortunate than ourselves.

And so I’ve realized it starts with me. I need to start giving back and hopefully my children will learn from my example, which I why I was so happy to be approached by a local NGO called Soil for life. Soil for life works hard to educate people in underprivileged communities of Cape Town about growing vegetables, health and nutrition and equipping them with business skills. They have a yearly campaign called Eat for the Earth where the public is invited to host a meal during the month of June and where people can donate directly to this amazing initiative.

While my kids may not get to be apart of the actual giving they can be apart of this fun and effective champagne and hopefully be apart of the change! Here’s how it works!

You will invite some friends to your home and host a delicious meal, all your friends who come will be asked to donate to the cause and therefore directly support the project. While I’m sure this is mostly aimed at adults I have come up with a fun idea that might encourage you and your kids to make a difference TOGETHER in this way.

Host a family dinner with two or three other families and show them the video on the website. Educate your children about what is going on in the townships right under our noses and how we can help them. They may not understand the weight of the issue or have money in their pockets to donate but it’s all about creating an awareness and empathy for those less fortunate. Hopefully some of that will begin to rub off on them.

And it can be a fun way to entertain the kids and their friends. How about a family pizza night?  You can teach them how all the vegetable toppings are grown and how these people in the township can start their own vegetable gardens if they help? Or a pasta night where the kids help kneed pasta dough and pick fresh herbs for the sauce. It could be a super fun way to teach them and remind them how blessed we are to have these things in our kitchen. At the end they can see us make donations towards the project.

I’m certainly going to be hosting a dinner in the next few weeks!

So don’t hesitate, don’t think too hard. We all need to eat, lets become part of the change that involves changing peoples lives. Lets get together and eat so that other people can! Go on go check out their website for more information.

What an amazing concept and what an amazing group of people committed to seeing lives changed. Will you and your kids come to my house for dinner? Will you be part of the change?

Before you go check out this video!


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