This year we decided that we would buy the boys one or two good quality toys each for christmas instead of the usual bunch of “crap” that always tends to make its way to the bottom of the toy box, usually faster than you can say “Happy New Year!!” It’s hard to always know what to buy them because they are both at an age where they are actually quite happy to play with sticks in the garden, which I love and want to encourage more of! This is honestly what I love about boys! They will make toys out of anything and at the end of the day they come in grubby and smiling from ear to ear.

But we recently did a big toy clear out and gave some unused toys to the homeless family in our area and I felt I wanted to spoil my kids a bit and say well done for being kind and generous with what they already have. I also believe there is a place for toys in a kid’s life and sometimes you just have to indulge them a little. Especially after a long year of hard work at school. So I hit Capegate mall on Friday and got our shopping done early. The fact that Toy Kingdom at Capegate mall were open on Black Friday meant we also made use of some really incredible deals too!

We decided on body boards for both the boys because we plan on spending lots of time on the beach and in the water this summer and these seemed like a really good investment. They are great quality (The ones we chose were R399 each) and I’m sure we will get at least two seasons out of them if we look after them. (By that I mean that I hope mom and dad don’t get too competitive and break one ourselves!) They have a big selection of boards you can shop here.

Brody is at an age where he LOVES puzzles and games and besides the few puzzles we have in our home we don’t have many games at all. You know, the kinds where you need two + players and you each take turns to do something! So we bought him this hippopotamus game, which some of you may remember form your own childhoods! This one retails for R439 which may seem pricey but guys do you know how much kids toys cost these days? This was one of the better quality ones and I think its going to offer us loads of after dinner fun these holidays.

Then we bought Noah a Giant LEGO set which will give him such quality time with dad no doubt as well is this incredible drone. I think it’s been Brendon’s dream for the boys to get to an age where they can work gadgets like this. We all know who is really going to get the most out of it. 🙂

And so there you have it, christmas shopping for the kids done and dusted. You may all be wondering about little Hunter bear and truth is I just couldn’t make up my mind. Toy Kingdom stock an amazing range of baby products from brands such as Tiny Love and Fisher Price, but I just couldn’t decide. So who knows, I may be back to get her little something too! Maybe you can suggest what I can get my little 5 month old for her very first christmas!! At this point it’s going to be her first taste of pumpkin!

I was so impressed with the service at Toy Kingdom, with store assistants on every corner and one guy even performing live demos of some of the product. It could quite possibly be one of my best toy shopping experiences yet! ♥

I’m giving away a R500 Build-A-Bear-Workshop voucher for Toy Kingdom!! Another amazing christmas idea for parents who are wanting to give their child a fun experience that they will cherish forever. So best you get entering! 


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Ps – please don’t tell my kids what we bought them! They are hidden well enough, so if they find out, it will be because of one of you!!  

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