As I sit down to write this, I only have to begin to look back and reminisce of our wonderful time spent at Heritage Awali , to wish we could re-live the magic all over again. It’s so hard to put into words what was an experience we will never forget, to describe fully the sheer wonder and magic a place like this encapsulates. Because truth is, it’s more in the connection you make with a place like this, the island culture that filtrates your soul and the many local experiences that leave one so mesmerised, inspired, connected and longing for more. 

I love travel with my kids for this very reason. It’s an opportunity to escape the normalcy of our own lives, the, what can often feel like the mundane everyday routines of life back home, for a taste of something NEW.  But more than that it’s the opportunity to submerge ourselves in a different culture, even if only for a short time. Seeing the world through their eyes and take in the newness of it all, will continue to be something that pushes me to see more of the world together. 

Discovering a destination that not only showcases natural beauty but also respects and highlights local culture is truly special. Hotels or establishments that integrate indigenous charm while offering luxury experiences, provide a unique and authentic travel experience. It’s wonderful to see places prioritize preserving the essence of their surroundings rather than succumbing to commercialisation. This approach not only benefits travellers, like ourselves, who seek genuine cultural immersion but also supports the local community and ecosystem.

There’s so much to do outside of the ordinary resort activities. Here are some of our highlights : 

Cooking class on the beach with Chef Kelly 

This was such an unexpected treat! What we anticipated being a low key cooking class for the kids, turned out to be a family cooking experience we will never forget. We arrived to a gorgeous little cooking cart on the beach with everything already set up, including a beautifully set table under a gazebo. We were met by Chef Kelly and his sous chefs who took care of us from start to finish. Chef Kelly was amazing with the kids and got us all get involved, taking time to explain the different spices we used to make the most delicious chicken and prawn curry. Sitting together as a family as we enjoyed delicious food (that we made!) while sipping on ice cold beers and sodas was most certainly one of our most memorable parts of our stay! Noah literally licked his plate clean and the kids all asked for seconds. It’s fantastic that the hotel offers this private cooking experience, and it’s definitely something we would recommend to other foodies looking for a unique and memorable activity during their stay.

4 x 4 drive at Bel Ombre Game Reserve 

Again, another experience that blew us away and one we weren’t quite sure what to expect. We were taken by shuttle to the Bel Ombre Nature Reserve a short drive away and on arrival our guide gave us a short talk before heading into the beautiful open plains.

We drove most of the way and then made our way on foot about 1km up stream to a magical waterfall. The boys enjoyed a spontaneous swim and we soaked up the natural beauty all around us. There’s something truly magical about immersing yourself in nature, especially in such a pristine and untouched setting. We could have stayed there for hours!

Ending the excursion with a picturesque picnic near the river was the perfect way to end a day filled with natural wonders. I love how moments like these really create lasting memories and strengthen our connection to the world around us. My children’s favourite day, hands down!

See some highlights here :

 “Bel Ombre Nature Reserve is a treasure trove of preserved natural, historical and cultural riches. You’re bound to find something that’s just right for you, whether you’re a nature lover, a history buff, a picnic enthusiast or simply a casual vacationer searching for a beautiful place to relax and take in some of the most scenic landscapes in Mauritius”

Dinner at the many incredible restaurants

Where to even begin with the food? As foodies who feel like meals are such a big part of any good holiday, all I can say is Heritage Awali did not disappoint! Every single meal we had during our stay was out of this world but here are some highlights : 

Le Chateau De Bel Ombre

This was one of our top five meals ever eaten. Yes, it was that good! From the setting, to the atmosphere to the vibe and absolute perfect flavour combinations and delicious wine. This is a world-class gastronomy restaurant where you can expect to have your expectations exceeded in every way. More incredible moments that have become cherished highlights of our travels. While mom and dad enjoyed this perfect date night, the kids enjoyed a movie night under the stars at Le Boma. Click the link above for more history and background, but I will let our pictures speak for themselves.

Infinity Blue 

A melting pot of flavours

“With its exciting variety of Creole cuisine, freshly caught seafood and a selection of classic desserts with a local twist, Infinity blue offers cuisine that will boost your mood and make you happy.”

Picture this : Crayfish on an open fire with the ocean just a few feet away, a seafood buffet of dreams and the friendliest staff who wait on you hand and foot. We tried sea urchin for the first time and ate like kings. I love that they accommodated the kids and made them feel so welcome too! 10/10 service and such a gorgeous setting.

C Beach Club

On our last day we enjoyed a beautiful brunch in the rain at C Beach Club which was so enjoyable and we only wished we had a full day to spend there. You can enjoy food/cocktails while listening to some good music and hop into the beautiful pool at any time. The kids were super impressed with their sweets and desserts, an entire room dedicated to desserts and even includes a shaved ice station!

Click the link for a full run down of all the hotels (and surrounds) restaurants. The breakfast every morning was really impressive with everything you can possibly think of. All fresh and well-preserved so you don’t need to worry about stale food if you make it to breakfast a little later than most.

FOOTGOLF Heritage Golf Club’s Short Course

This was such a fun morning out with the kids! We were taken by shuttle to the Club where the kids enjoyed a game of foot golf. The aim of the game is to basically get the soccer ball into the holes in as few kicks as possible.  It was hot but so so fun and my soccer loving boys were in their absolute element! On a side note the Kids Club (Timomo Kids club) is really well-run with such amazing staff, lots to do and really safe for those who are wanting to make use of this service. We didn’t really make use of it this time as we spent so much time together. I think our boys are older now, so mostly enjoy doing the things we do and Hunny would have likely gone more if she had a friend her age.


What I really loved was the endless possibility when it came to where to eat and what to do, but without the rush and pressure. It was the perfect combination of activity-filled fun and restful leisure. The fact that both Awali and Le Tel Fair are interchangeable means you have so many options not only with restaurants but pool facilities and activities. Le Tel Fair’s Pool, and chill area is out of this world. The service was great and we loved the fact that you could go from pool to ocean in matter of seconds. Sadly the sea life is not what it used to be but beautiful none the less and if you love the ocean, you will spend hours enjoying the warm water. Hunny highly recommends the Coco Shack on the beach, if coconuts are your thing. I mean the kid has a point!

Also our rooms were INCREDIBLE! Absolute luxury and so spacious! The hospitality was second to none and we were blown away by the level of care and genuine kindness of the staff. If you are planning a family holiday and looking for places to stay in Mauritius, we can highly recommend Heritage Awali. We will most certainly be back in the near future. Thank you for having us Awali, Until next time!

This post was written in collaboration with Heritage Awali.

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