Dear Mama of a newborn,

This is a letter to all of you who are face down in the trenches! This is a letter to those who feel it gets a little overwhelming at times and who need to be reminded to be gentle with yourself.

I know how hard it can be when you are in the throws of trying to keep a newborn alive while still juggling all the other demands of life – older sibling school pick-ups, playdates, extra-murals, shopping and work! I know how hard it is to see that a decent dinner is on the stove so your family can eat a semi-wholesome meal together before bathing, homework and bedtime routines. I know it’s hard to see to it that clothing is washed and hung up to dry each morning so that your child’s uniform is clean for school. I know it’s hard to ensure that your other kids are given the attention they crave, the attention they had all to themselves before the baby arrived. I know it’s hard to do all these things while still seeing to the needs of your baby 24/7, day and night. I see you. I’m right in those tranches with you!

But let me tell you what I think may help. The things that help me and give me fresh perspective each new day. The things that lift me out of the so-called trenches and make me see light at the end of tunnel.

Get out of the house ….. breath fresh air, meet friends and tell them your struggles, drink coffee, stretch your muscles, take that nap instead of doing the washing, stop looking at Pinterest for a while (it’s too damn perfect!) ,embrace your friends, drink water and wine (not together!!) talk to your husband (like really talk!), find a Series that you love to watch while your baby sleeps on your chest, make eggs on toast for dinner (the kids wont die!!) and very importantly, pick your battles with your older kids.

It’s not always easy but staying cooped up at home, isolating yourself and trying to be a hero and do it all only makes it worse. Don’t be too scared to ask for help or reach out to a friend about how you are feeling. Because we all know that as much as we love being a mom, it’s one of the hardest and most challenging things we will ever do in our lives. Admitting that it’s hard at times doest make you a bad mom. But doing these things may alleviate the stress and make you a happier one!

So before you go beating yourself up again or feeling overwhelmed with life as newborn mama remember to be kind to yourself and do some of these things everyday.  And above all else mamas, take courage and pride knowing you are doing a fabulous job, because no one could be doing a better job for your baby. ♥

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