The better I get at this mumming thing, the more I realise that magic is really found in the small everyday moments. Children have this beautiful way of reminding us of what’s truly important and inviting us into their world of simple and marvellous wonder.  

I don’t think there is anything or anyone that can prepare you for the journey you embark on as you enter motherhood, or the rollercoaster of emotions that come with it. How you can go from laughing one moment to crying the next.  

There’s no denying the challenging parts, the uncertainties and insecurities that arise from time to time. The feelings of guilt that creep in as you question your abilities as a mother. But it’s also a wonderful thing to witness your children love you no matter what, learn how forgiving they are and how much they look up to us, even during the challenging times.  

And boy are we are facing a monster of a challenge right now, with this global pandemic changing almost every aspect of our lives. Moms around the world have had their lives disrupted in the most unsettling way. We have had to add “Home-School educator” to our mom resumes. Our already busy lives have gone into overdrive as we’ve had to deal with everything from housework to schooling, to cooking and fulfilling our own work obligations.  

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I feel moms deserve some real extra spoiling and might even go as far as saying we need a complete break from momming altogether. I know if I were asked what I wanted this mother’s Day I would probably say “I need a day off, some time on my own! Anything that will let me escape these pressures for just one day!” More than ever I think we are feeling overwhelmed and in need of some downtime, away from the kids.  

But truth is if I really think about how I want to spend this Mother’s Day, it would have to be with them! Because as much as I deserve (Read: NEED) a break, this day is ultimately about them too. I love that it’s a day they celebrate me, but I love that its a day I get celebrate them too. It’s because of them that I became a mom 3 times over and because if them that I get to hear “MOM”, “Mama” or “Mommy!”  shouted at me 100 times a day.  

So while the idea of escaping this madhouse might have its appeal, I really don’t care what we do, so long as we are together. So long as I stop to enjoy the small moments of connection throughout the day with the three little people I get to call my own.  

But just incase daddy bear is reading this, here are some subtle hints to get him going :  

  1. Breakfast in bed and hand-written cards (No doubt with their usual cuppa NESTLÉ NESPRAY FORTIGROW  in bed beside me)  
  2. An hour to excessive or do yoga on my own  
  3. Hand-picked flowers from the garden 
  4. A back massage from my Noah Bear  
  5. An arm tickle from my Hunny Bear  
  6. A game of Bat and Ball with my Brody Bear  
  7. A garden braai or picnic with a bottle of my favourite wine  
  8. An afternoon nap  
  9. A candle-lit bath before getting onto the couch with my favourite series. 
  10. Takeaway dinner and foot rub 

#Sponsored. This post was written in collaboration with Nestle South Africa.

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