It never seizes to amaze me how blessed I am to have bagged the kind of man I did. The kind of man who not only drops anything for me, but who would go to just about any lengths for our children. (One time he even suggested he suck the snot out of our 2 month old’s nose – yes with his mouth – because he couldn’t breath.  Just incase you didn’t believe me!)

brendon and boys

The sad part is these the small ( yet brave) gestures  and everyday things so often go unnoticed and as much as I always appreciate them, they are very seldom given the credit they deserve.

So this is to you my husband, the daddy to our kids, the man who we couldn’t live with out.

We would like to say THANK YOU for all that you do for us!

• For going to the shop for the umpteenth time in one day because we forgot that one vital ingredient : milk!
• For taking the kids to the the shops to choose toys and playing with them in the garden.
• For taking them to the river to find tadpoles and playing soccer with them in the park.
• For letting me rest when I’m sick and telling me to stay in bed even when i fight you on it.
• For bathing and feeding the kids even when they are overtired and wanting mommy to do it.
• for reading them bed time stories and keeping your sense of humour when they interrupt you a thousand times.
• For unpacking the dishwasher and wiping down dirty counters. ( I know how much you hate these jobs yet you do them to make my life easier)
•For coming home a little earlier to help with suicide hour.
•for putting toothpaste on my toothbrush.
•For getting me water in the middle of the night.
• For not getting cross when the kids break things – and reminding me that they are • only kids.
• For praying with our kids and telling them about God.
• For going to work everyday and making a living to support us.
• For working extra jobs to secure our future.
• For letting me go have much needed girls nights.
• For believing in the kids and I and telling us us we can do anything.
• For wanting to give us the best experiences and create the best memories.
• For telling me I’m more than enough everyday.
• For teaching our children right from wrong in a way that they understand.
• For telling me I’m a good mom even when I make mistakes.
• For waking up early some Saturdays so I can seep in.
• For buying me take away coffee when you are out without even asking.
• For always no matter what, putting us first……. the list could go on……

I know we don’t say it enough, so thank you for all these things. You, my love are the captain of our ship and we would be lost at sea without you. Please always know how much you mean to us.


Love you to the moon and back to the dirt,

Lolo, Noah and Brody



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