I heard a quote once that went something like this The most important thing a father can do for his children is love their mother Whoever wrote that is a genius. And I’m blessed to say that the father of my children does exactly that. In every humanly way possible, he loves me without pretense, without motive. He loves me unconditionally in everything that I do and all that I am. And this is what makes him an even better dad! One of the best in the world I would say. This is a tribute to the man I call friend, lover, soul mate and companion. But a man who my children call Dad.

I always knew you were going to be a great dad, long before our children were born. By nature you are caring and protective. You are gentle and kind. If I was sick you would look after me, drop anything you were doing, run to my aid and nurse me back to health. Even after Noah was born you stood by me and supported me through post birth surgery and 9 months of healing. You held my weary heart in yours and were my pillar in my darkest hours. How could you not be a great father? So watching you become a dad was so natural. It was a beautiful thing to witness.

Though uncertain at first, you welcomed your new roll as Dad with open arms, supporting me in all my emotional high and lows and getting stuck in. You were never afraid to get your hands dirty, to change a nappy, scrape baby vomit out my hair or clean baby poop off the sheets. In those first few crazy nights at home you would wake up with me in the lonely hours. Even if it was to rub my feet or whisper to me while I fed our baby. I loved those midnight talks and your calm voice was all that got me through. When I was tired you would take him from me and walk him around the living room so I could sleep. Often I would catch you singing to him at 3 am or just standing next to his crib listening to him breath. And when things got tough and I shouted at you, you would hug me even tighter and tell me I didn’t mean it. And as he grew into a toddler your relationship really blossomed and your love for him grew deeper and deeper. You loved teaching him new things and exploring the world together. I saw the way you looked at Noah, how proud you were of him. I knew even in those early days that you were prepared to do anything for him. I saw the way he looked back at you. You were already his hero.

And now our family has expanded. So has your capacity for all that it entails. You astound me with your dedication to the boys, always putting them first and thinking of their futures. I love the way you talk to them and the funny stories you tell. I love it that we teach them the importance of laughing. I love it that you teach our sons to be strong and brave. I love it that you teach them that they can do anything they put their minds to. I adore watching you play with them, building castles, playing records, and dancing to Rock n Roll at 6 am on Saturday mornings. This has become our life and you do it with such a happy heart. I know you wouldn’t change it for the world.

I could not have chosen a better man to father our children and I commend you for your hard work and commitment to us. For working three jobs, long days and late nights and striving to give us the best life possible. You my love are the world’s greatest dad and I know our boys appreciate all that you are to them. Their friend, their teacher, their hero. Their DADDY! Happy fathers day my sweetheart!

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