Life is a crazy game……….. Before I go reciting James Morrison’s lyrics i’ll stop there. But I will just say this ; that our date night at Dash restaurant last Thursday (where we had been invited to try the four course menu paired with wine!) could not have come soon enough. With all the stuff that’s been going on lately, it was great to have put this in our diaries and committed to ahead of time. Not like our other date nights  of late which have either been forgotten or abandoned at the 11th hour – because, well… MOM VIRUS!

So getting whisked off to Dash in an Uber was a welcoming distraction from the normal everyday  crazy routine. I even decided to get dressed up a bit, slipping into a little black dress for the occasion!

Dash restaurant is hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the main Waterfront, situated in a slightly quieter part in the Queen Victoria Hotel which is part of the chain of Newmark Hotels.  The hotel itself is absolutely gorgeous, with a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere.


Now I just have to say from the get go that what made this experience that much more memorable and enjoyable were the staff who run this lovely establishment. We were given the warmest of welcomes by Irene, the manager who did everything she could to host us so beautifully. And our waitress Zameka,  was one of those people you want to talk to all night, and have to keep reminding yourself she is not your friend. (Well, we were at the any if thats any consolation!)


On arrival we were treated to pomegranate and elderflower Martini’s, which we fought over in the same way our kids fight over their favourite toys.  I’m generally more of a wine girl but man alive…. if a barman can get a cocktail right, there is nothing quite like a good martini to perk you up from the mom slump.

Now it needs to be stated that The Hubs is probably a bigger foodie than I am, someone who spends much of his spare time watching shows like Chefs Table, where they  spend hours preparing and creating dishes that are seriously out there. Where you are taken on a beautiful journey with the chefs and are drawn into their romantic culture of food and wine.  So when our second course arrived and we were looking at the gorgeous masterpiece beneath our eyes, we entered what can only be described as the most intense ‘foodie’ conversation of our lives.

He explained to me how food that is prepared like this is a process referred to as Gastronomy. (I did not know this, did you?) In the dictionary Gastronomy is described as the practice or art of choosing, cooking, and eating good food. (Step aside lasagne and Grandma’s famous fish pie) It’s also often used to describe food as an art form –  we are talking beautiful food that is ALMOST to gorgeous to eat – food that involves different textures and pops of color, where all those elements culminate into the perfect combination on one plate. It’s truly spectacular. And that’s exactly what we experienced with all four courses at Dash.

So here is what we enjoyed, you know incase you feel an urge to treat yourself to an indulgent meal with your other half in the not so distant future. Incase you want to be on the receiving end of some serious gastronomy!

We were treated to the four course menu all paired with wine.

First Course :  parsnip and leek soup, bacon jam,  (some kind of goats cream cheese or though I could be wrong!) and olive toast. Without a doubt the best soup I have ever had which was probably because it was so decadent and not your normal run of the mill soup.

Second Course : Kingklip carpaccio, Avacado mousse and salmon tartar – Probably my favourite course- an exquisite plate of food with all the elements so perfectly balanced. The Kingklip carpaccio was SO yum. SO yum in fact that having flashbacks and drooling as I do.

Third Course: Seared duck breast, Confit baby chicken, cranberry juice and carrot pure  – Perfectly cooked duck which was still a little bit pink in the inside. Its rich so we don’t eat too much duck, but when a chef cooks it like this? Well who are we to say no! All the different flavours went so well together, the sweetness of the cranberry complimented the duck and chicken perfectly.


Fourth Course: Chefs chocolate surprise. We were starting to feel pleasantly full – not too full, but the kind of full that has you wondering if an entire dessert to yourself is a good idea. So, we shared this heavenly plate of yumminess and it did not disappoint on the chocolate front! Served with ice-cream and lemon zest (which was almost caramelised!) – Unfortunately I didn’t get a great pic of the dessert (i blame the wine!)  but here is one of their other many desserts – just to give you an idea of the work of art that goes into it!


Our meal was complimentary of Dash Restaurant and Bar. Thank you for an amazing date night and incredible food!

I’m going to leave this here just incase 🙂


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