We have always known Brody to be a little different. Like every child I guess, you notice early on the small little things that set them apart from everyone else. Maybe it’s a look they give, a hidden obsession they have or the way they insist on doing something despite it not making very much sense to you or anyone else. It’s what make’s them so unique. It’s why we fall in love with them.

Brody is a dreamer. More so than the average kid who always has their head the clouds. Don’t get me wrong, he can be very intentional too, but for the most part he’s often in another world all together, either singing to himself or talking to his toys about something. Even when he is “with us ” in conversation he always has a far-away look in his eyes. He takes a while to reposed to you if you call him (Yes I now all about selective hearing!!) because he’s often so deep in thought you have to stand on your head or make monkey noises to get him to look at you. At least 10 times a day I find myself saying “Brody look into mommy’s eyes!”, just so I know he’s listening and registering was I’m saying.

But the fact that he’s a dreamer plays a huge part in how he thinks about life, how he relates to people  and how his romantic and sensitive side is starting to unfold. He’s thoughtful and gentle in the way he communicates with others, especially girls!  And well, I’m stating to see how charming and romantic he already is at only 4 years old. I posted a video a while back on Instagram warning moms to lock their daughters away and while it has him boasting about having ALL the girls, he really only has eyes for one little lady.


To be fair, at the end of the video he openly admits that if he had to choose one girl it would be Kira, his best friend in the whole world he has known since he was a few months old. And as it turns out my little four year-old is a one girl guy. Get your tissues ready girls, this story is going to break you.

Last week he presented Kira with a Lucky Packet ring when he got to school. He told me how was going to give it to her because she was a girl and “girls like rings”. When he presented Kira with the ring he was shocked to discover that she flat out told him she didn’t want it. When I asked him why he said “She said she didn’t like it because it’s not shiny or sparkly enough!” And it was in this moment that he experienced his first real rejection from a girl.

But Brody didn’t stop there. He made it his mission to get to the shops to buy her a better one. He told his Gagi (my mom ) that he needed to buy her something very very sparkly and when they got home I was amazed to find that he had gone beyond the call of duty and didn’t just buy her a ring, he bought her a princess crown and wand! He woke up the next day and the first thing out of his mouth was “Where’s the princess crown for Kira? I need to find the crown so I can show her how sparkly it is!”

Now either he was just born with this romantic notion that one needs to pursue a girl or he’s been taught by the best. Perhaps he has seen day in and day out how his dad treats his mama, and he has made it his goal to make a girl feel special and stop at nothing to see her smile. Perhaps it’s just in his nature and he’s smitten with this particular little girl who has him under her spell. Whatever the reason, I love that I get to catch a glimpse into what kind of guy he’s going to be as he grows up.

I hope and pray with all my heart that he stays sensitive and caring and doesn’t get cynical about matters of the heart. And If you are ever reading this my Brodes, please marry Kira! I know she’s feisty (the best girls are!) and rejected your first ring offering, but it would make one hell of a love story, you would make beautiful babies AND you would have the best mom-in-law! NO pressure son xxxx 🙂


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