Coffee. Enjoyed sheer moments after waking up every morning, the bitter taste so eagerly welcomed as you take that first sip. Coffee. The rich, black liquid we have all come to love and in many ways rely on.

No matter who you are – the University student cramming to study before finals, the young professional who stayed up ’til 3am to put in the extra hours for tomorrows presentation, the new parents to a colic newborn so sleep-deprived you can barely see straight, the over-worked teacher who stayed up past midnight marking exams. All of us, relying on it for a much-needed wake-me-up. 

Coffee. What is it about this unique beverage that has become so intrinsically wired into our everyday life? That early morning pit-stop for an espresso on our way to work or meeting a friend for an afternoon warm bevvy at our local cafe. Moms sitting on park benches commiserating over takeaway cups of freshly brewed coffee as their children run a muck on the playground. Enjoyed in between meetings in the office cafeteria (Ok who am I kidding? Not many companies keep their employees fuelled up with the good stuff, hence the need to pop across the street twice a day for your proper coffee fix). And let’s not forget that after dinner aperitif, the perfect end to a scrumptious dinner. 

Coffee. It’s taken our culture by storm with its rich, comforting aroma and velvety texture. It’s distinct bitter after-taste has most of us coming back for more, time and time again. No matter how you take it, it sure has defined so much of our daily routine and enjoyed in almost every social occasion.

“What can I get you the barrister behind the bar asks?” Your mind races at the options presented.  Flat white, cappuccino, espresso, Americano, macchiato, iced-brew, mochachino, Gilbraltar,  Cafe Au Lait, Iced espresso or Irish Coffee. Or are you feeling that little bit EXTRA –  perhaps a double shot pumpkin-spiced skinny latte with wings? We all have our preference and thanks to a coffee culture that  seems to be growing at lightening speed, there’s something for everyone. (Even my two coffee-obsessed boys of 8 and 10!)

My love for coffee only became apparent in my early twenties and for the most part, I’m humbled to say, involved a good old powdered/instant blend with far too much sugar. Fast-forward to today and you could say the coffee bug has bit deep. So deep in fact that I would say I’m a self-proclaimed coffee snob/ borderline addict. There are worse things to be addicted to I always say, and if you’re going to come face to face with your vice half-way through life, best it be in the shape of a glorious double shot Flat white with extra foam. I’ll take it over crack any day. 🙂

And now it seems I’m living my best life with most of these options available to me in the comfort of my own home. Since my PHILIPS LATTEGO SERIES 3200 FULLY AUTOMATIC ESPRESSO MACHINE arrived last week from Expert Stores I am yet to leave the house in search of coffee!

This machine is so easy to use and EASY to clean too.

Sure not much can beat the experience of enjoying a coffee at your favourite coffee house with a group of friends, but now I get to bring the whole experience home. I love having my friends over for a coffee in the comfort and safety of my own home. Just last week I had a friend over for coffee and we sat curled up on the couch in front of the fire with our foamy flat whites and a big box of rusks. And this afternoon Hunny and I are hosting a tea party for one of her school friends. Obviously the mamas will be drinking coffee, not tea!

And it’s currently on sale at Expert Stores – see here. Huge saving of R1300!

It’s saving me money in the long-run too! No need to pop out for quality, fancy coffees because now I can enjoy them in my own home, whenever I want, at the touch of a button! Consider this – If the average price of a good Flat white is R24, that’s an average of R120 per week. That’s R480 per month for a few coffees on the run every other day! 

I love this beautiful machine for so many reasons but here are some highlights so far: 

  1. It’s BEAN to CUP my friends which simply means, the beans are ground for you and you don’t need to spend extra time grinding beans before putting it through another 3 steps. A few simple presses of a button and you’re sorted. 
  2. It has easy options for your CHOICE of beverage. Be it a Latte, Flat White, Espresso, Americano or straight up Coffee you’re after, its got you covered. 
  3. It let’s you custom design your coffee – you select your coffee strength, milk and foam density. AND you can top up with hot water straight from the machine.
  4. No use of pods which means its friendlier for the environment and waaaaaaay more cost effective. 
  5. I can get my coffee fix everyday without spending a small fortune on takeaways.
  6. Its so beautiful to look at, I sometimes wonder how I got so lucky? 🙂 

So there you have it guys. Remember that Expert Stores is home to the best appliance brands in the country and stock an array of different products at really good prices. They often have fantastic deals and saving offers, so if you are looking for anything from fridges to washing machines, to kettles to bar fridges (That’s next on my list!) to TVs, this is the place to shop.

Now excuse me while I enjoy my much needed coffee break before fetching the kids from school! My fellow mamas know how much I’ll be needing it to get through the afternoon 🙂

Cheers mamas xxx

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