Today I woke up feeling pretty darn horrid. (Like seven different kinds of shit if I were perfectly honest with you) Why you ask? Well, I sat waiting up until midnight to hear if my husband was going to board his plane home from Germany and after dosing off a few times, woke up with about a billion notifications telling me, no he will not. And then just as I thought I was about to turn in for 5 hours of solid sleep, all three of my kids slowly made their way into my bed at different intervals of the morning. When the alarm went off I literally had to peel my eyelids open and kick the blankets off, anything that would stop me from curling up in the foetal position and declaring today a sick day!

But then I remembered my goals for today. I remembered how good I felt yesterday having stuck to my first day on my Best10 program. I felt… dare I even say it…. EXCITED. I felt instantly energised by the recollection of a day spent smashing my goals. And I realised in that moment that nothing, not even the lack of sleep, was going to stop me from repeating those goals today. Usually after a bad night, habitually speaking, I might have declared today a bunking day, kept all three kids at home, curled up on the couch with cartoons and no doubt a big bowl of “feel-sorry-for-myself” sugary cereal and a big cup of milky coffee. Because Mom Life is real and yes, sometimes it’s okay to do that.

BUT, do you know what can be better than falling into the trap of emotional and over-tired induced eating? EXERCISE! Instead of admitting defeat, I gently told the kids they would go to school today, and that we would do something fun this afternoon to make up for dad coming home a day late, and after drop-off I hit the road for a run. Best10 has me so excited and motivated because I know they are there cheering me on every step of the way. I knew that my trainer, James would give me all the encouragement I need and that ultimately the choice between option 1 and option 2, lay with me. And more so, that getting out of bed and on the road was a much better choice. One that has left me invigorated, happy ( To quote Elle Woods “endorphins make you happy and happy women don’t kill their husbands”… especially when they are late getting home from a 10 day business trip!) and pumped to keep at it.

So if you’ve been hiding under a rock (or simply not hanging out with me on Insta!) let me tell you in a nutshell what Best10 are all about and then I’ll get to some of the big questions that some of you have been asking, as well as the good news about payment plans…… AND YOUR DISCOUNT CODE! YAY!

Best10 strive to be your partner in real body transformation. Best10 combines a dynamic, personalised plan with unrivalled coaching and support.

“There are hundreds of plans out there and endless resources on weight loss, fitness and nutrition. It’s overwhelming. But we believe it’s not one-size-fits-all and the difference between starting and finishing a plan is the constant guidance and feedback to ensure you reach your goals.”

“What sets Best10 apart is not only our customised workouts and meal plans, but the ongoing support you’ll get from our team. You can expect the highest level of expertise from our internationally certified coaches who are on-call to make sure you’re motivated and on track to being a fitter, stronger and healthier version of yourself.”

How it Works

The Best10 approach is based on partnership. You’re assigned your own coach who keeps you moving forward and makes sure you’re well prepared, educated and energised, giving you the confidence to achieve your personal goals.

What you can expect

From the day you sign up, you can you expect a 100% personalised experience. We work with you to set up your individual training and nutrition plan. Throughout your 10-week journey, you’ll get an unequalled level of communication and ongoing support from your coach to ensure you never lose focus and stick to your weekly plans.

You see the reason this kind of program is so effective, is because you have ONGOING support. You are held accountable for everything. In the first 10 days, I need to record everything and send pictures of everything I eat and all the workouts I do, to James. Just today James had to gently remind me about the dangers of too much fruit (just from my breakfast post), something I already know but with his guidance I am able to tweak to keep on track. I think so much more carefully now about what I put into my mouth, and I feel motivated to put in the hard work on the road and on my mat because it’s all recorded and analysed by professionals.

OKAY guys, so many of you have asked about the cost and some of you have expressed that it’s simply out of your budget. Totally understand. As parents with three kids to feed and put through school, I get it. But to be honest, for the longest time, Brendon and I have had this burning desire to invest in ourselves this way and to find the resources that would help us get into shape and keep us on top of our game. This couldn’t have come at a better time. So I’ll start by saying, that sometimes the things we want come at a price, not just sacrifice and discipline, but a real price tag too. 🙂 And like most things, you get what you pay for.


I’m here with the good news! Best10 have generously offered my followers 15% off their TEN WEEK program. This means that the Program, with your discount, will only cost you R7500. Now comes the even better news. You can pay this in 3 monthly instalments for only R2500 per month. Guys, that’s for 10 weeks around-the-clock guidance and support, meal plans and carefully formulated workouts designed for YOU!

I asked these questions yesterday but let me put them here again:

What is the cost of a 1 hour consult with a nutritionist? Plus follow up sessions and meal-plans? I can tell you. Just by googling I found the answer:

First Visit R960 | Follow Up Visit R460 | Meal Plan R450 (This is not to take away from these professionals. completely the opposite. It’s to show you what what the average cost is for a SERVICE like this.

What is the cost of a gym membership now days?

Last I checked it was around R599 per month? Some more, some less maybe. (although last I checked most moms end up ditching the gym because they never get there or because no one is pushing them to go!)

What is going rate for a personal trainer? How many sessions does this equate to over 10 weeks?

Last time I spoke to a friend who had a trainer I remember her paying R325 per session for two sessions a week. That’s 8 seasons a month. I’ll leave you to do the math.

Yup, think about how these costs add up. Because guys, like I said, you are paying for people’s time, their EXPERTISE!

At least with Best10 App you know you are getting everything in one place: A tailor-made meal plan, a custom developed workout as well as on going support EVERY SINGLE DAY. FOR 10 Weeks!

Now ask yourself this: What is the price you are willing to pay to feel the best you have in your life? To feel energised and strong and to feel good your clothes? I have struggled for the last years to get to where I want to be and I honestly think that this is the program that is final going to work for me. I feel that confident. 🙂

I think that’s all we have time for today folks, but PLEASE if you have any questions DM me on Instagram, or simply send them a direct message here and they will get back to you!

If you are already convinced and want to make use if this fabulous offer and get started today, simply click here and be sure to use the DISCOUNT CODE MOM15 when booking.

*DISCLAIMER : I am in partnership with Best10 whereby through our collab, I am given their services in exchange for mine. However I cannot emphasise enough – all words are honest and my own. I am not paid to write or review this service, I am simply sharing my journey with you, which I hope inspires you in some way.

Love to you my Queens xxxx

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