Ok so I don’t usually write about trivial, random stuff on this space and this might very well be my most random post yet. (So please bare with me) But, I feel the need to scream from the rooftops and warn anyone who could be making the same mistake as I have. You are probably all thinking I’m talking about something hugely profound, something that is going to change the way you see the world or bring world peace. (For the record it hasn’t brought world peace but it has brought peace to our home again and restored our marriage – my husband no longer has to deal with my outrage and despair on the matter!)

I realise I run the risk of sounding pretty darn superficial because here’s the thing, I’m actually just talking about my hair. Blind I know.

For you to fully understand my frustration, I’ll have to start from the beginning. For the last 8 months the condition of my hair has gotten progressively worse. I thought it all started when I dyed the tips of my hair blonde to keep up my ombre vibe and since then it seemed to have gone down hill. (Faster than the annual Downhill Extreme)

I became so fixated on my hair – no matter how much coconut oil I put in it or how many Ola Plex treatments I had at my salon,  my hair just looked like a massive deadlock after blowdrying it. I tried leaving it to dry on its own (with a quick blow dry to neaten it up of course), I gave up my hair iron (thinking the direct heat was the direct cause), I Googled it and even tried this home remedy made with gelatine – I shit you not. I slept with coconut oil in my hair (and ruined linen in the process), I tied it in a bun for 2 weeks at a time, I even considered a pixie cut. (We all know how well that would have turned out.) Yet NOTHING worked. If anything, my hair kept getting more brittle – it had lost all elasticity and as most girls would understand, I was beginning to lose sleep over it. Especially since Ive always had such think healthy hair!

So what on earth could be the problem you ask? It wasn’t until this last weekend where I noticed a whole new section of my hair starting to follow suit and make its way to Dreadlockville that the penny dropped. The only thing I hadn’t really changed was my hair dryer. As I ran/hacked my fingers through my course, dry and damaged hair for the hundredth time, it dawned on me : Could my hair dryer be the sneaky culprit! I sat calculating the maths in my head and realised I had had the same hair dryer for the last 7 years! It’s heavy, old, slightly singed on the spout and often gave off a bit of smoke. I know I know – you all thinking I must be freaking nuts to not have realised sooner or thought “Hey my hairdryer isn’t supposed to be sending out smoke signals” – unless it was intentionally doing so to send a message to the hair Gods that this girl was in a real emergency. But alas I didn’t really think too much of it. I thought it could be all the extra moisture from the coconut oil and 5000 hair serums I lathered in my hair.

So I came home, threw my old hairdryer in the bin (after cursing it a few dozen times – I mean my hair dryer was supposed to love me and I honestly felt so betrayed!) and did what any self respecting 34 year-old woman would do – I called my mom (my hair counsellor) and told her to make it her mission to source and buy me a new one. Walking into clicks with two kids reading the back of boxes seemed like punishment (Although maybe I deserved it.) She called me from the shops with a full run down of my options and like the GI Jane of hair she took control of the situation like only the Boss of Hair knows how.

In the end, went with this beauty: The Toni&Guy 1800W Daily conditioning dryer

Toni&Guy hairdryer
Now before I cry of excitement, let me get to the point. After only one use of the ….. I would say my hair is 90% back to it’s healthy state. After ONE dry!! My hair is soft, sleek, shiny and healthy. (Ok, it’s not perfect but if you has seen it before!) AND NO THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. I bought the hairdryer myself and as God as my witness – it’s the best R329 I EVER spent.

So basically this post is to not only let you in on my amazing discovery but also warn you other sister’s out there to monitor your hair dryers and if your hair is turning brittle (and for no reason you can think of), it could be your hairdryer! I don’t think my hairdryer, all of a sudden decided to quite on me and go against what was in its nature to do. I think it was a gradual process of over heating and before I knew it, it was too late. In all honesty I think most hairdryers should come with a lifespan warning. There’s no chance that, just because a hairdryer lasts 7 years, it’s still good for your hair. I’m surprised my one hadn’t burnt out ages ago – before cremating my hair every chance it was given.

So!! 8 months of bad hair days and today I walk in the freedom knowing those days are behind me. All I think about now is how kak I would be feeling had I gone for that pixie cut only to dry my short locks with an old hairdryer that would turn me into a troll. I can’t. I just cant.

Don’t go telling  a girl how stupid she is, rather tell me if you have ever experienced this yourself?

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