About 14 months ago, my parents came back after one of their many visits to Robertson with the news that they had seen a house that they wanted to buy. My immediate thought, I won’t lie, was why Robertson? I mean I had loved our visits to the beautiful little town (just a stone’s throw away from McGregor!) but the holiday home I had always hoped they would buy was one next to the ocean. Let’s face it, with kids that’s kind of everyone’s dream right? A place where you could escape the city for leisurely strolls along the beach and where kids could play in the sand and the waves day in an day out.

Although they didn’t buy the house they initially saw, they ended up buying an even more perfectly suited one situated on the 14th hole of one of the prettiest golf courses in the country. (Well I think so anyway, although let’s face it I haven’t spent much time on many golf courses!) They spent a few months renovating the house to create more space for our families and turning it more it to something that they see themselves retiring in. In style of course.

So just after Christmas we headed up to join them for part of their first stay in their new holiday home. Walking into the home itself for the first time, I immediately saw why my parents had fallen in love with it, or more so why they had the vision they did to turn this home into something that reflected more of their personal style. And I could also see straight away why they had fallen in love with its surroundings. Situated right near the Breede River, on a golf estate, there are mountain views for days, it was breath-taking.

We were amazed to discover that Robertson is so much more than just a small town with wine farms in it. After only two hours of being there, you realise that there is something soul-touching in places like this that you can’t experience anywhere else. No, not even the seaside.

The early morning sunrises that bring with it a warmth in the still cool air. The sounds of birds and insects that rattle and chirp, a constant background ‘noise’ to the silence, the majestic mountains that surround you at every turn, the sounds of crickets that become louder and louder as the sun descends. And oh my word the sunsets!! Every sunset is a reflection of another gorgeous day, with so much promise of what the next one will bring. There’s a certain peace and tranquility that permeates the star-filled skies that’s hard to describe. I don’t think it’s possible to feel more at ease with life as you feel your heart beat slow down a little more each day you are there.

We spent our days by the blow up pool ( they are still building their permanent pool), riding bikes, visiting wine farms for breakfast, lunch and dinners, braaing, going for walks, watching LIVE golf from the 14th hole, drinking wine and (too many) G ‘n T’s, star-gazing on the stoep, playing bull, going for runs and watching Series. It’s made me see how much potential this little town (and house!) has for creating some incredible memories as our kids grow up. And with cousins who are their best friends, it’s just PERFECT! If this was only our first visit, I cannot wait to see what else Robertson has in store for us.

Of course, the fact that my folks home is on the golf course means I may be raising a future golf player, if not one of our boys, then maybe our little lady!

Here are some of the places we visited, in case you are keen to check them out next time you head to Robertson or Mac Greggor. All of these places are child-friendly and worth the money!  

Four Cousins Restaurant and Wine Estate – This is possibly my favourite venue and wine estate in the area. I haven’t always been a huge fan of their wine (hello wine snob!) but their venue is so exquisite and offers so much. They do a beer, as well as wine tasting and you can opt for a food-pairing option too. The thing that seems it to me though? The amazing out-door kids play area!

Christina’s Bistro at Van Loveren wine farm – Also one of my faves, this spot is great for lunch and there is a little water area for the kids to play and cool down in.

Viljoensdrift – boat rides! We just visited this place for a quick drink (and so my brother could get on his Sup Board from the boat jetty) but we have heard great things about the boat rides and will definately be trying to next time. Apparently you can take your drinks and snacks and enjoy a beautiful boat ride down the river. So much fun for the kids!!

Robertson Nursery and Cafe Rosa – this place has a lovely Tea Room feel it and is perfect for the kids. At the back there is a big play area with a climbing wall and a huge swing that hangs from one the tallest trees. It also has putt-putt and they make killer toastees!

Bon Courage – My hubs didn’t rave about the food on our first visit there but most people I know have had a good experience and the play area is amazing!! And as long as they have bubbly mom’s happy!!

The Robertson Small Hotel for a fancy dinner. We actually got the chance to stay here three years ago for one of our anniversaries (It was INCREDIBLE!), but even if you don’t stay over, its such a treat going for dinner and drinks! And yes, even with the kids. We were amazed at how well they accommodated us, even supplying a special kids menu with the best burger we had ever tasted as well as an activity book to keep them entertained.


Lords Wine Farm – Okay so we didn’t get in this time but my dad rates it as one of the best. And by the pictures, I can see why!

Here are a few snaps of our time in this picturesque little town.


CHEERS TO 2018 AND ALL THE NEW MEMORIES WE ARE GOING TO MAKE!!! Do you have a favourite spot you enjoy getting away to? A special place that leaves your soul feeling replenished? SHARE WITH US! xxx




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