There is something to be said about the childhood years and all the magic it stirs up in us as parents. Watching our kids explore and engage with the world around them and seeing them develop through experiences is a truly beautiful thing. As humans we are born to engage, interact with others and learn from the world around us . It starts from the day we are born!

It’s no surprise then that  mom of three Janelle Schroy, saw an opportunity to take this need to discover and explore to a whole new level. She realized how much better it would be for her girls to learn and explore with other children . Better yet, she had a vision that would see kids explore their environment and go on the most exciting of adventures with their parents!

What was also really important for her was finding a community of moms and dads who would walk the road with her and her husband as parents. If you read her first blog post she tells us about the moment where she literally broke down in tears when her 2nd born was 8 months old. This is how she recalls that life changing moment:

I stood at the window, and put my head out, gasping for air, wishing I was anywhere but here—home with two children under the age of two. I was lonely. I was tired. Tired of the monotony of the routine. Frustrated with the lack of adult interaction and mind-stimulating conversation.

Hot tears streaming down my face, I willed myself to breathe, my hands turning white as I gripped the windowsill. Madison, my eight-month-old baby, jabbered beside me, her sweet face looking up at me.

Me. Her mom. Her only mom.

Reagan, my two-year old, toddled in, looking suddenly fearful at me in my worked up, almost frantic state of despair. Her eyes filled with questions, worries, fears. Was Mommy okay?”

After grappling with this for a while the realization came when her little girl interrupted her thoughts.

“My Reagan whispered, Mommy, come! and tugged at my hand.

Then suddenly, almost magically, something changed in me. A rainbow of dreams for my children’s lives suddenly flashed through my head, the fog clearing.

I loved the fullness of life. I loved the city I lived in. I loved people.


Why were we here in the house instead of out in our gorgeous city having fun and enjoying life together? Who said I had to stay HOME with my little ones? I smiled.


That was a moment that led her down a road of changing the way parents and children do life together. This is what led her and her husband Jedd to start Adventure Clubs!

Janelle speaks candidly on her blog about how she wants to have zero regrets when is comes to raising her children. She says kids only get ONE childhood. I can never have these years back. I want to make as many memories as I can with them, filling their hearts with my love and presence, and providing one exciting experience after another.

So what is Adventure Clubs?

Adventure clubs is a program designed for the whole family but specifically focuses on kids ages 6 months – 6 years.

With Adventure Clubs, families are invited to browse and create adventures specific to their family’s preferences.

Then they participate in child-centered adventures alongside other families. It’s education, socialization and stimulation—for the whole family.

How rad and exciting for the rest of us? They have literally done all the hard work: They have created the adventure, now we get to experience it!!

No matter what you and your little ones enjoy, there is bound to be at least a handful of things your kids will love in and around the city in which you live. It seriously will blow your mind how much fun that is ready to be had, most of it absolutely free! What’s more exciting is that there is now an App, making it the easiest program to manage at the touch of a button, wherever you are. The App is free too so do yourself a favour and download it to keep up to date and to see what happening near you or  maybe even a new destination out-of-town you may be visiting.

Here are just SOME of the very cool, fun AND educational things you can experience with Adventure Clubs. There are loads more pictures of all the fun that has been had on the Facebook page.

adveenture 11

Beautiful art work!

adventure clubs

Art jamming where they learn about different artists through their painting styles!

adventure 7

Little Bakers making cupcakes!

adventure clubs

Little Maestro’s watching and listening to classical music!

adventure 9

A visit to the dairy Farm!

adventure 4

Stomping Grapes from very young! What awesome sensory activity for little ones….

adventure 6

Painting pinecones in nature….

Guys if I had to tell you of all the adventures you and your kids could get up to, we would be here ALL day. Just go see for yourself. (Links throughout post!)

Download your free Adventure Clubs App (iPhone and Android) to join the adventures!

Life is an adventure, go make the most of it with your precious kids!



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