I am watching you sleep while i write this letter to you. Noah you are so beautiful. Gorgeous whisps of blonde hair outline your sweet little face and once again i ask myself “Are you really mine?”
I still cant believe you are about to turn two. Where has all the time gone? I can already see what a gift you are going to be to the world. I already get such a strong sense of the man you are going to become and as i watch you closely and listen to your heavy breathing, i wonder what dreams fill your precious little mind. And then I start to dream of all the wonderful things i want for you.

I want to raise an honest man. A man not only true to himself and his word, but true to Gods word. I want to raise a man of integrity. A man who knows the difference between love and lust. A man who respects a woman and all that God has designed her for. I want to raise a man who values hard work and dedication, but who knows the risks of making it everything. That he would choose to put God before any job title, pay check or business venture. That he would seek Gods wisdom above all else. I want to raise a man who is sensitive to the needs of the world and who is willing to go far and beyond to help others. A man who is not afraid to feel the pain of peoples suffering. That he would rather use that pain to make change.

So when people ask me about the dreams and aspirations i have for you i wont lie and say to them “I just want him to be healthy and happy”. Because of course i want your days to be filled with happiness and laughter! And your bones to be strong, your body to never know sickness. But these things wont make you a better man. I do want these these things for you but i want so much more.

I want you to know your purpose and your destiny and to live it out fearlessly and bravely, knowing you were made specially to do just that.I want you to leave Noah shaped footprints on the earth. Small ones now, but ever growing into the man i know you will be.

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