I grew up with the best example of a great father. From the time I can remember, my dad has been someone who has loved, protected and taught me. He has not only taught me about God, relationships and the world, he has taught me about not living with regret. That part I’m only starting to really understand now.

From a very young age I can remember being reminded almost daily how precious and beautiful I was to him. That I was important, valued and worthy of love. I was his princess.

I’m sure this had a lot to do with the fact that every time he asked me in front of his friends whose girl are you? I was trained to answer with humbled conviction (like a 3-year-old even knows what that is) I’m daddy’s gorgeous girl. I owned it with pride and even managed to see it through to my teenage years. (without too much humiliation) When I reached 16 that taught mantra’ became All boys are monsters which I had to repeat to him 3 times before leaving the house to go out with my friends.

While this was just his humorous approach to keep me away from the opposite sex I knew it was his way of reminding me of everything he had taught me. My dad always instilled in me a sense of self-worth, a reminder that I should never sell out or undermine myself as a young woman.

While I may have gone through stages of self-doubt and made some bad choices, he always reminded me of who I was and stood by me. He was the kind of dad who after a devastating heartbreak, lay with me on my bedroom floor as my tears soaked into the wooden floorboards and whispered If I was young and one of your friends, I would choose you, you would be my first choice Yes he was being a dad, but that what every girl needs right? A father who makes you feel like you are enough. WORTHY. I guess its fair to say he was my first love.

Fast-forward many years and many life lessons, and still today he is one of the people I admire most. He is still in every sense of the word my DAD. I still, to this day look up to him and admire the way he has lived his life, loved his family and placed value on things that are Godly and good. I thank God everyday for him and that, I was chosen to be his daughter.

Having a dad like this, meant he set the bar pretty high for the man who would one day be father to my own children .I mean without even wanting to put pressure on my husband, I wondered if any man would live up to the example my dad had set. That is until I saw my husband become a father for the first time. It was then that I realized very quickly how equally blessed OUR children were going to be. I knew my children had just as much to be grateful for and just as much to look forward to. Just as much as I had.

I had struck gold twice.

In the four years I have watched my husband father our sons I have learnt so many things about what makes him a great dad. I get to witness daily the actions that speak a thousand words. I get to see another great dad all over again.

I see how he loves his sons so unconditionally and with everything he’s got. I watch him be the best teacher, always patient, and involved. I love how he can be silly and funny about the things that need to be laughed about but also serious and sensitive to lessons they need to learn. He is hardworking and never fails to see a commitment through, always teaching our sons the value of dedication and perseverance. I know there isn’t a single thing he wouldn’t do for them, that his protection over them is fierce and his love knows no bounds.

I am grateful today for two men. Two fathers. Two people who have made such difference to my life.

Dad, without you I wouldn’t have known what you meant when you said You haven’t truly lived until you have truly loved. Those words led me to my husband, to the person who has been the best father to our kids. Thank you for being the best dad to me through the years and loving my children like they were your own. Thank you for supporting us in everything we do and always wearing that dad hat with such joy. Your generosity towards us is overwhelming.

Brendon, thank you for fathering our children with so much love, patience, intention and conviction and always being such a great support in our parenting journey together. I could not have chosen a better partner.

Happy fathers day to my first and last loves! I am so deeply grateful for you both.

All my love,

Lolo xxx

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