At the beginning of this year  we had a family shoot while my Brother-in-law and his little family were visiting from London. We realised it was the first time we would all be together since the arrival of their baby girl, April. It was also the perfect opportunity to mark  the special occasion of my Mom-In-Law’s 60th birthday!

So we got our WHOLE family together (from both sides) and met near the open field on the road that leads up to Kirstenbosch from Liesbeek river. What a gorgeous location it turned out to be. I’ve actually often thought how awesome this spot would be for a shoot while driving passed and the Liesbeek River Garden where we headed after, is one of our favourite places in the world! Our very talented photographer Nicky Stowe chose the perfect time of day (dusk) and the light was pretty spectacular.

Anyway, I thought I would share some of my favourites with you. I love knowing that we have these pictures to cherish for the rest of our lives. To one day look back on these special moments and tell our kids about that day.

Special thank to the incredibly talented Nicky Stowe who did the most wonderful job –  allowing us to be the most natural while still maintaining order and calm. Which many of you will know is not easy with 5 small kids!


The whole famdamily!


Cousins and friends for life….


Little people….


My most beautiful big boy…..


How delish? Love how different my boys are…. so uniquely made.


Tender moment with my Big…..


tender moment with my small!


Mark, Anna and their gorgeous little April


The Geary’s


Nana and grandad! This lovely lady turned 60 and we celebrated her life and her journey surviving cancer! I’ve never known such a brave woman.


Boys will be be boys…..


Shiny happy faces!


My gorgeous mama and papa! Getting younger by the day… how ridiculous is my mom? Yes, not sister, MOM!


My brother Ryan and sister In-law Shelley. This girl is one of my favourite friends, the sister i never had 🙂 And these are the little girls i never had too – Madison and Liberty!


One of my favourite shots of my little family….



3 boys and a girl…..

our fam 1

Photography credit goes to Nicky Stowe who you can visit or call on 0845771134. She is running a maternity, family and newborn special at the moment too that might tickle a few moms fancy!


Hair styling credit goes to Jonathan Cartmel of Cutting Edge in Rondebosch who curled my hair so beautifully. (seriously I could never do it like this myself!) You can call him on 021 6896020 for any hair enquiries. This guy will not disappoint!

Have a good week y’all xxx

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