Juggling mom life can sometimes feel like you’re constantly running from one thing to another, always on the go and trying to balance it all. I mean, do we ever stop??

I know for me, I can feel as though I’m incessantly trying to fit everything in a day – my workouts, blog/advertising campaigns, household tasks, shopping, cleaning… oh yes and then trying to keep three kids alive and fed, which often leaves me very little time to slow down. And no doubt working up a sweat long after my actual workout has ended.  (Why exercise anyway am I right??)  

And If I pride myself on one thing, it’s that I always want to feel, look and smell fresh, especially after a workout, or being out on the run with the kids. And I mean feeling fresh everywhere if you know what I mean? It’s often the days where I find myself still sitting in my gym gear by the time I’m fetching kids, where I end up feeling pretty icky, and DESPERATE to get cleaned up! GynaGuard have reminded me how important it is to shower and get cleaned up directly after my workout to ensure I don’t risk the chances of any irritations and discomfort. 

Recently I was sent some lovely products from GynaGuard, a feminine hygiene brand that truly understand a woman and her need to keep her intimate areas feeling fresh. They know how important feminine hygiene is to us, and have developed products that cater for our very different needs. 

I’ve never suffered from any excessive irritations or issues down yonder but I have suffered from thrush on one occasion after a double dose of antibiotics (and before I knew of the importance of probiotics!) and let me tell you, it was not fun. So I empathise with women who do have to deal with dryness, itchiness and irritations on a normal day. I honestly couldn’t think of anything worse. 

Thankfully for those more susceptible to irritations, the Gynaguard range consists of so many wonderful products with specific use for each. 

GynaGuard products are now categorised into three ranges for ease of use: the Comfort Range is your gentle, go-to range for everyday feminine hygiene. It consists of the Essential Intimate Wash, Intimate Cleansing pH Bar, Intimate Comfort Gel and Foam Bath (Fragrance-Free and Lightly Fragranced variants). The Control Range focuses on restoring pH balance and soothing discomfort and irritations, and includes Ultimate Intimate Wash and Vaginal Capsules. The Intimate Range comprises Lubricating Moisturising Gel, specially formulated to enhance natural lubrication, soothe irritation and relieve dryness.

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I think its such great topic and one that can often be quite taboo and leave feeling us feel uncomfortable talking about. And it really shouldn’t. There is no shame in wanting to look after our neither regions and using products that help us with any issues we may have. And I love that GynaGuard are working hard at changing the way we perceive this topic and opening up a conversation in a positive and liberating way. 

“Being a woman in the new millennium is no small feat, and South Africa’s No.1 feminine hygiene brand gets it. For years, GynaGuard has given women the confidence to be the pHenomenal women that they are, with their comprehensive range of pH balancing intimate products.”

“It’s important to equip yourself with some basic information that’ll set the record straight if you’re confused! For one, it’s important to keep the vagina clean and dry. Moist places encourage yeast and bacteria growth, and infections are the last things on your list, right?! The type of material your undies are made of, could complicate things. Fabrics like cotton are breathable, while satin traps moisture. When moisture is trapped, there is less airflow, and this could increase friction and irritation ‘down there’.  When you’ve had a great workout at gym, change out of your sweaty gear as soon as possible. Washing your intimate areas is a given, and a great way to do this would be by making the GynaGuard range of pH balancing intimate products part of your feminine hygiene routine.”

South Africa’s No. 1 Feminine Hygiene products² are gentle enough for everyday use, safeguarding those special places. GynaGuard is available from retail stores and leading pharmacies. To find out more visit www.gynaguard.co.za.  

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*This post was written in collaboration with GynaGuard

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