I really love my kid. Like, a lot! Isn’t it funny how I always feel the need to start with that??  Just to make a point, my son is sweet and funny and gentle and interesting……. he is spunky and cute and all kinds of delicious. Well, for the most part that is.

I had a virtual cry on the shoulder moment with many of you in my last post Run away and leave it all behind over my 4-year-old’s latest behavior tactics the last couple of weeks. So, I thought who better to keep sharing this stuff with than YOU, my loyal readers. As life would have it, it seems these things are not going to go away anytime soon, and so I have had to change my approach!! You see, I know the changes we have to make (I’m reading a fabulous book called Shepherding a Childs heart which is pretty spot on) and that I need to take his behavior seriously. (I’ve actually taken it so seriously AND personally over the last while that I’ve ended up severely depressed over it.) But from now on I intend to use my wit  to overcome this tiring and oh-so-up-and-down phase my kid is going through. I have devised a list of the MANY things that can turn calm into chaos, quicker than it takes a mom to say, Get to your bedroom!

Here are 99 reasons my 4 year old is/may/could be/ will be  freaking out:

  1. He got the blue cup, not the orange one.
  2. He got the orange cup, not the blue one.
  3. He messed.
  4. There’s sand in his shoes.
  5. It’s too sunny.
  6. Brody looked at him.
  7. Brody didn’t look at him.
  8. Its 2 o clock. He thought it was 6 o clock.
  9. His porridge is too hot.
  10. He can’t find his shoes.
  11. He can’t find his piece of prestick.
  12. I helped him into the car.
  13. I helped him into the bath.
  14. I helped him.
  15. I smiled at him.
  16. I asked him how schools was.
  17. I offered him a peanut butter sandwich. (instead of cheese)
  18. He got wet playing at the beach.
  19. He got sand in between his toes while playing at the beach.
  20. I sang while HE was singing.
  21. His hands are dirty.
  22. He has a snotty nose.
  23. There is too much cheese on his Pizza.
  24. There’s a dog. Anywhere.
  25. He can’t hear the TV.
  26. He can’t hear the radio on the way to school.
  27. There’s no more juice in the house.
  28. Dad went to the car to fetch something.
  29. I came early to soccer practice.
  30. His top has pockets on it.
  31. His shoes have real laces.
  32. He can’t open the door.
  33. He has a booger in his nose and is too FREAKED out to GET it out.
  34. He can’t remember what he ate for lunch at school.
  35. He remembered he missed a snack.
  36. It’s time for bed.
  37. The Lego is in the wrong box.
  38. His bubbles don’t work.
  39. The sun went down too quickly.
  40. The sun didn’t go down quickly enough.
  41. I put tomato sauce on his plate.
  42. I didn’t put white sauce on his plate.
  43. I cut his orange wrong.
  44. I mixed the honey into his yoghurt.
  45. His pen doesn’t work.
  46. His spaghetti is too long.
  47. I don’t know why there are no blue people on earth. Apparently I should know this.
  48. Because I went against the one big rule and said I like blue too.
  49. His ice cream is too cold.
  50. His hot chocolate is too hot.
  51. Brody laughed at something he did. It’s NOT funny.
  52. The grass is too prickly to walk on.
  53. I didn’t watch him jump. For the 20th time. 
  54. I’ve sat down to have a cup of tea.
  55. I asked him if he is beautiful. (He is not beautiful, he is COOL)
  56. I tried to style is hair with water.
  57. I washed off his Soccer Stars stamp in the bath
  58. I wiped food off his face with my spit. (oh please, you do it too)
  59. I kissed him too long in front of his friends.
  60. I didn’t kiss him long enough before bed.
  61. I put the wrong piece of Lego as the bridge.
  62. I asked him to come to me and he was busy: Looking at something
  63. Brody has his toy.
  64. Brody is in the way of the TV.
  65. Brody stole his food.
  66. Brody hit him on the head with his toast.
  67. Brody is asleep and he has no one to irritate.
  68. Gagi (granny) is taking too long to get here. (I start freaking out too with this one)
  69. There are ants. Again, anywhere.
  70. There is many traffics on the road.
  71. We are taking to long to get somewhere.
  72. He is STARVING.
  73. He is so tired but It’s 5pm and we are driving, mom keeps smacking him on the leg so he doesn’t fall asleep.
  74. He can’t have another sweet.
  75. He wants to go with daddy to work.
  76. He wants to go to church and its Thursday.
  77. He wants to go to school and it 9pm on a Saturday night.
  78. He is right and I am wrong.
  79. His milk is not white enough.
  80. His orange is too orange.
  81. His chips are too salty.
  82. His sweets are too sweet.
  83. We’ve run out of Oatees.
  84. I don’t say thank you to the car guard.
  85. His stick broke.
  86. His straw doesn’t work.
  87. I put the wrong shoes on him.
  88. I ask him why he is grumpy.
  89. I ask him if he is tired (Don’t ever ask this question to a tired kid)
  90. I woke him up from a sleep.
  91. I announce is time to come inside.
  92. I sit down for two minutes and look comfortable.
  93. I ask him to calm down. (I get this, it’s the worst!)
  94. I told him he can’t marry me, or his cousin.
  95. He can’t get his last pea on his spoon.
  96. It’s windy and he can’t open his eyes to see where he is going.
  97. Brody pointed at him and said something that sounded a little bit like naughty but could also have been fatty.
  98. It’s the end of the book.






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