One thing I have had to come to accept in my years of raising boys is that they are really not into the styles of fashion that I am. Or that I hoped they would be. When I was pregnant with them, I had dreams of doing them up in cool preppy style clothing – harem jeans, mini-leather jackets, snoods, and even ray-ban sunglasses. Aaaaagh looking back now I can’t help giggling to myself. I dressed them in “cool” clothes for all of 2 months before coming to my senses. Yup, one too many projectile vomits and butternut spills will do that.

We revisited the idea for a few years after that with a toddler, but then at around 4 years old Noah just flat-out refused to wear any of the “cool” stuff I would buy him.

I guess Noah has always been our most difficult when it comes to clothing. He flat out refuses to wear jeans (okay we actually got him to wear his gorgeous Levi’s for an entire morning last week and we just about fell off our chairs when he told he actually quite liked them after all!) but for the most part, he lives in swimming shorts (yup even in winter!) and a bunch of old mixed-matched t-shirts that he refuses to part with. I love that he’s simple and uncomplicated that way, but for the love of all things cool and rad in this world, I wish he would embrace the world of fashion every so often, so as to avoid other people thinking he’s a homeless child I picked up on my way to Pick ‘n Pay. Look I don’t really care, but, yeah I guess I kinda do. I like my kids to look nice and don’t want to fight with them every day to wear the clothes that I’ve spent hundreds of rands on that somehow only manage to find their way to the back of their cupboards.

You can imagine my delight when Rookie USA sent us a hamper last week and the first thing Noah said was “YES! Now, these are the kind of clothes I love mom! Oh My Gosh, can I wear it now mom, can I??” Uhmmm can I get a witness people? 

So it would appear that my child does like fashion, he just has his own style and well, that’s fine with me. I guess I have had to realise that they are more into sporty/surfer fashion wear, and with Rookie SA offering such a cool selection, I am pleased to say he has my full blessing. 🙂

I was further pleased to discover a whole new range of kids’ clothes from Rookie USA’s new online store that my boys love and that well, I love too! It may not be my usual hipster/preppy type of apparel that I would usually choose for them, but the truth is I love that Rookie USA have something that resonates with each of their individual personalities, and that I quite fancy myself. I love all that their brands stand for and that their clothes are not centred around fads and fickle fashion trends that come and go. Their designs are timeless and perfect for young active children.

And Yes Hunter was sent her first set of activewear from their Nike range. It’s quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve seen on her and she loves being sporty with her brothers!

⇑ Noah sporting his Converse water-resistant tracksuit.

⇑ Brody sporting his Jordan tracksuit bottoms and Hurley and Converse tops.

I guess I have had to realise that they more into sporty type of fashion wear and with Rookie SA offering such a cool selection, I’m pleased to say they have my full blessing. It;s great to know I have a place to shop for thos especail occasions like birthdays and christmas!


Converse believes that unleashing the creative spirit, being imaginative, energetic and confident, rejecting trends while embracing individuality.

Nike’s mission is to bring inspiration, innovation, openness to new ideas, child-like curiosity and continued growth to every athlete in the world.

Jordan is inspired by the dynamic legacy, vision and direct involvement of Michael Jordan. Children are good at being persistent and get that support from Air Jordan.

The essence of Hurley is based on their love of the ocean and its constant change. With deep roots in beach culture, they value inclusion, innovation and empowering the youth.

Levi’s® aim to have the greatest impact on others, and the least possible impact on the environment ensuring the lives of children around the world are truly carefree


Rookie USA has officially launched their online store in South Africa!

With an assortment of premium brands, eccentric designs and accessories to choose from, you are guaranteed to find items to suit your kid, no matter what their style or personality is. Each brand speaks to the consumer in a unique way.

You can shop the latest trends for your kids at and follow them on Instagram or Facebook for more information.

Girl mamas you may be glad to know that Rookie USA are offering 20% off girls clothing this woman’s month! So best you get i on that action…. there are some GORGEOUS items available!! ♥ 

OH and look out for an awesome Competition I will be running with Rookie USA next month over on my Facebook page… you don’t want to miss out on that!! The prize is Rookie Clothing and Accessories worth R2 500!!

*This post was written in collaboration with Rookie USA South Africa. All thoughts are honest and all words are my own.



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