I have such mixed feeling about the whole nanny/domestic culture in our country. For the most part, I just look at these woman who look after our homes day in and day out, who help us raise our children and I think, “Gosh they deserve so much more, they could be doing so much more with their live!” NOT that looking after children is not a fulfilling and admirable occupation, but simply because for many of them they don’t have many other options. For many of them, their passions, dreams and underdeveloped skills are never really realised.

I know for a fact that the majority of nanny and domestics in this country don’t get paid even close to what they should be, and that many of their employers take advantage by paying bare minimum. I mean has anyone even checked the minimum wage lately for our country? It’s ludicrous, is what it is.

Anyway this post isn’t to point fingers or make anyone feel guilty (I’ll let your conscience do that for you, if you are paying your nanny less than bare minimum), but more as a tribute to these beautiful women who show up everyday to look after our kids and help lighten our loads, often leaving their own children behind.

To all you beautiful nannies who wake up early to catch (often unreliable modes of) public transport, who walk miles to get to our homes, who get home after dark, who cook and clean, who teach and care for our children, who iron our clothes and mop spilled juice off our floors, who make sure our children’s bedrooms are tidy and our beds are made, who change nappies, sterilise bottles, watch our children closely so they don’t hurt themselves, who walk our children to school and pick them up, who send us video while we are at work so we feel we are part fo their day, who stay late when we need you to and who do all of this with gracious smiles on your beautiful faces.

To all you precious women who exercise patience on a daily basis and who are as committed to our families as you are. THANK YOU!!

I really want to honour my own beautiful nanny Chido, and declare it publicly so that she knows just how loved and appreciated she is.

Our Darling Chido, or more affectionately know as Chichi…

Words cannot express how grateful we are for you and how blessed we are to have you in our lives. That day you walked into my home, I knew you were going to be part of our family forever. Your calm and gentle nature put my 36 week pregnant mind at ease, and in a single moment I knew you were an angel sent from heaven.

You love on my children more than anyone, and will literally do anything for them. You treat them as if they are you own! You tidy up after us and help restore order to our otherwise chaotic home. You help Hunter by showing her how things work, take her on adventures while I work, comfort her when she is sick, and don’t mind their constant nagging for food and snacks! Gosh, you are helluva lot more patient with my three rugrats than I ever will be. Your presence in our home is so calming and we love having you around to do life with. I am just so beyond grateful not just for what you do but who you are to us, a beautiful friend who we have grown to love and cherish. You have taught me so much about being a better mom more loving and patient and consistent! Thank you for that!

As you approach your maternity leave soon, please know that everything you do for us is appreciated more than you know. And we love you so very much! I don’t know what I’m going to do without you and our many chats over tea, but I am so excited for you, about to become a mom of two! You of all people are 100% qualified for the task.

As Hunetr would say we love you SOOOOOOOOOOO much! KISS!



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