One of the things I love most about being a mom of three is being able to watch each of my children’s interest and gifts unfold. I love discovering new things about them as they grow up and seeing how differently wired they all are. Same oven, but three very different buns.

Brody, our middle boy (6) has shown a keen interest in food over the years. And not just eating food, but making it! He really enjoys helping me chop thing up, talking about different flavours and following steps in recipe. So being invited to Spur’s Chief Cook event was such a big deal for him.

The event was hosted at the beautiful Silwood School of Cookery in Rondebosch and was part of a competition for Spur’s loyal Secret Tribe members – an exclusive club for kids aged 12 years and younger. Even though he was by far one of the youngest little chefs there and struggled to keep up at times, we had so much fun together and his eyes were opened to a whole new world of food and flavour.

The morning involved baking a DELICIOUS chocolate brownie using a rather unusual ingredient – Spur’s famous salad dressing! And we were blown away by just how decadent they turned out. I think it’s safe to say that there will always be a few bottles stocked in our pantry going forward!

While our brownies were baking we got onto the mains…. preparing our own burgers using Spur’s legendary patties, sauces and variety of scrumptious fresh ingredients. We made a delicious Shroom Burger using fresh mushrooms and Spurs Cheddermelt sauce which, we fried in the pan before adding some crispy bacon pieces to add a little bit of smokiness. We topped it off with some chunky avo slices and beautiful micro herbs. All this was wedged between and gorgeous toasted brioche bun. HOW YUMMY??

We then had to use our brownies to create a chocolate brownie sundae! To be honest we may have gone a little over board on this. Although my son will have to disagree! 🙂 We created was we called a “Cosmic Candy Wonderland” where, we layered our delicious secret recipe brownie in between chocolates, nuts, berries and whole lot of other decadent sweet stuff. I just wanted him to have fun and go crazy and make something that celebrated the child within each of us! And that we certainly did. It was over-the -op, bright, saucy and magical!

Mom-and-son team, Victoria Ruiters and 8-year old Leonard were awarded the first prize for their Chocolate Brownie Sundae dessert. The runners up were mom-and-daughter team Vanessa Rushin and 7-year old Jayla.

The ‘Best Burger’ challenge was won by mother-and-daughter team, Jayde Haupt and 11-year old Dakota, who cooked their patty to perfection and used a delicious combination of sauces and toppings. Father-and-daughter team, Lionel Scholtz and 9-year old Jenna came a close second. All such deserving winners!

Overall it was just such a fun morning from start to finish. I take my hat off to Spur for hosting such a wonderful event which, encouraged families to slow down and enjoy some time together in such a meaningful way. So much joy comes from cooking together as a family and sitting around a table eating your creations is such a great way to engage with our children.

Thanks to Hirsch, Nature’s Garden and SunPick who partnered with Spur for this morning of fun to bring families together in the kitchen.

After all this burger talk, it’s been decided that the will be making burgers for dinner tonight! And I’m sure they will be all the more tastier thanks to Spur’s delicious range of sauces.

*This post was written in collaboration with Spur Steak Ranches

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