Guys I don’t know about you, but what’s the the one item on your shopping list that you hate spending your hard earned money on the most? That one thing that’s usually at the very top of the list that you cannot live without, but can sometimes feel your throat tighten when you think of how much money is spent on such item every month?

Yup, if you’re a mom of a babe anywhere between 1 day old and 3-4 years you would have guessed it…. nappies!! I’m obviously used to it by now and it’s gotten easier with every child as we have come to accept that nappies are pretty vital around these parts and that we go through them faster than Hunter says “Oh gosh, I pooh mama!!” With her showing signs of wanting to be potty trained, I can only thank my lucky stars that the days of nappies are soon to be over. (Although even then we still have a long road ahead of us if you consider she will use them at bedtime for a while still!)

But the good news for all those moms starting out or still in the thick of it (sorry I had to!), is that Clicks  Made 4 Baby heard our cries and have come up with a New and Improved version of their branded Dryprotect nappies.

Hunter had been wearing them for the last week or so and for the sake of full transparency, I thought I would do a round up of the pro’s and cons. Obviously with all products there are bound to be one or two elements that can be improved upon and my promise to you is that I will always disclose everything about my experience using a brand  or product! This is not to say that the Clicks Made 4 Baby Dryprotect range are not a great quality product and one that many moms will find to be quite satisfactory.


1. I think it’s safe to say that on first impression one may notice that they are not the softest nappy out there. But what you soon come to discover is it’s not so much that they are harder (the actual lining of the nappy is indeed quite soft), they are just slightly stiffer and thicker (On the outside).

2. This basically just means that they may appear ever so slightly more bulky than your average nappy. Saying that.. here is Hunter wearing one of them and many people would never tell the difference.


  1. Their New and Improved technology really works and their absorption core is really effective. We’ve had had zero leaks, unlike their old version which were prone to leaking every so often, especially at night.
  2. Hunter has not experienced any nappy rashes or had any allergic reactions whatsoever and her bum has stayed soft and smooth. (just the way it should be!)
  3. The waistband is stretchy which accommodates her movement and doesn’t break open on the sides (despite her crazy dance moves and constant climbing!) because of their velcro strips.
  4. They are substantially cheaper than most nappies on the market. ( A jumbo pack is only R159!) More on their offerings and prices here)


So in nutshell, they may not be soft on first impression and have a slightly stiffer feel than some nappies, but they really do ‘soften” once your baby is wearing them and they do fit well.  Also they are soft where it mattes, on the inside! They have certainly improved drastically from a leak perspective and Hunter seems happy and comfortable in them with no rashes or irritations.

In my opinion, the main thing I look out for is whether my baby’s skin has a reaction or not and whether my baby’s bum stays dry dry protected.  And so far these nappies don’t disappoint in this regard. I guess what it comes down to is what’s high on your list of priorities. If they prove you with a product where no leaks are almost guaranteed, your child has no reactions  and saving money is high on your list, then I think you will share my sentiments that a product like this is so worthwhile.

So if you feel like trying these out today’s your lucky day! We are giving away a MONTH’S Supply of nappies to one lucky mama so you can make up your own mind and see for yourself! 

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*All thoughts and words are honest and my own.

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