I have so enjoyed sharing my first hand experience using the Aloe and Cucumber collection from the Avon Care range. I have also been pleasantly surprised to see how many of you have actually been using Avon skincare products for years! It goes to show that they really are a trusted and recommended brand.

I think what has really stood out to me the most about this range is that even though its not specifically for dry skin, my skin has really felt so moisturised and hydrated. Despite the creamโ€™s light consistency it holds so much moisture and because its not too heavy or oily it absorbs SUPER fast, without leaving your skin feeling sticky. No more waiting for cream to dry before putting my clothes on….Come to mama!!


The range consists of a body lotion, a lighter cream for all over use, a facial cleanser and a face cream. I have been loving the refreshing facial cleanser, so much so that I use it every morning too. As a mom of three little monkeys who often find their way into my bed at all stages of the night, mornings can be challenging! What better way to ditch that early morning fog and grogginess than with some delicious smelling product on your face, a rinse of cold water and dab of refreshing face cream? Itโ€™s making such a difference to my day!

And guys, have you even seen the prices of their products? I was shocked! I even had one mom ask if these were there real prices or if they were testers. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love it that they have something for everyone and that purchasing their ranges of Skincare doesn’t mean breaking the bank… far from it!! Go check out their offerings here.

Incase you have missed it on my other posts, AvonSouthAfrica are hosting a ridiculously impressive prize over on their Instagram and Facebook pages so if you feel like WINNING R10000 in CASH then you may want to head over there. Itโ€™s so easy to enter…. Simply post a picture of yourself with your favourite Avon Care product and you could be 10 000 richer!

Go on get shopping! Your skin will feel amazing and you may be R10000 richer!ย โ™ฅ GOOD LUCK MAMAS!

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